Flower Remedy Healing with Alexis Smart

Flowers make us feel good. And no, we’re not just talking about receiving a bouquet from your other half. Flowers can literally heal us from the inside out. We sat down with one of the experts in petal power and got her best flower modality tips.

The Fullest


Serenity Now with SereneBook

Think of SereneBook as ClassPass for your soul. Meet the makers of this subscription-based wellness app that gives your mind, body and spirit access to over 1500 wellness practitioners. So click on and get yourself some serenity now.

What Lies Beneath

From Jung to Freud, psychologists have long hypothesized that our childhood is the most powerful and formative period of our existence, and by unlocking it we are provided access to our truest self. Now, our integrative health specialist’s guide forces us to ask the tough questions about our past… and it’s both scary and beautiful.

Daina Trout

If you haven’t heard of her delightful and delicious Health-Ade Kombucha, then you’ve been living under a rock. It’s basically everywhere. She also just birthed a tiny person. So it’s fair to say Daina Trout is one busy lady. Get her seven favorite things and a few genius time-saving hacks here.

Taking Back Resting Bitch Face

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And sometimes it’s curling up in the fetal position on your bed and not speaking to a single soul for two days. Michelle Lipper explains that sometimes true joy doesn’t come from slapping on a happy face, it comes from being authentic with your emotional state.

Canyon Coffee On Passion Projects

Do what you love with the one you love. Check out how this beautiful couple turned their passion for coffee into a shared business venture.