Move Over Eggnog, It’s All About That Maca-Nog

Come one, come all. We’ve got a vegan eggnog recipe that’s on everyone’s holiday wish list. Made on maca and mesquite, it’s a true holiday miracle!

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Float On at Pause Float Studio

Flotation therapy, aka: Heaven. Basically it’s you drifting peacefully on a thousand pounds of magnesium sulfate whilst being the most relaxed, ever. It’s incredibly beneficial to your overall health reducing both stress and inflammation, and it beautifies you to the absolute max. Soak it up here!

The Gift of Forgiveness

The holidays bring families together. But for Jamie Varon’s family, it took 28 years and a Thanksgiving miracle (in the form of a Scrabble game) to finally reunite this clan.

April Gargiulo

She’s the brains behind Vintner’s Daughter and the creator of the world’s most coveted serum (in our opinion). Read the seven things inspiring April Gargiulo’s world and apply liberally.

A Miracle in Every Waking Moment

Make your own holiday miracles by tapping into your childlike awe, drawing meaning from coincidence, and flowing in gratitude.

Kelsey Patel On Holiday Healing

We got you a little something something for the holidays! A free 10-minute self-care workshop with spiritual empowerment coach and healer Kelsey Patel.