Spirulina Thin Mints

Everyone’s favorite childhood cookie, the Thin Mint, is officially back! And lucky for adult us, it’s healthier and tastier than ever! So go ahead and get your Girl Scout on and enjoy a little nostalgic baking.

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Say Hello to the Girls Behind LA’s Honey Hi

You know that awesome feeling when you walk into a cafe and everything on the menu isn’t just delicious, but holistically nutritious too? It’s so good it kinda feels like cheating… and we’re all about it. Step into Echo Park’s newest neighborhood cafe, Honey Hi and prepare to get your healthy on.

Getting Naked in Public

You don’t need a Victoria’s Secret body to feel good naked. But you do need a healthy dose of courage and a little self-love. Follow one writer’s journey from feeling subconscious to flawless in her birthday skin.

Myisha Battle

Let’s talk about sex. And a few other things. This week, our favorite sex therapist shares the people, places and products that keep her coming back for more.

Mr. Resolution: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Resolutions are hard to keep. But maybe it’s not the sticking to it part that we’re getting wrong. Maybe it’s the resolutions we’re making in the first place.

Dara Dubinet On Sleepless Surrendering

You’re tossing and turning, and the more you think about not sleeping, the worse it gets. Dara Dubinet asks us, Is it really that early morning meeting or late night cup of joe that’s at fault or is it something deeper?