The Freaky Magical Power of Silence

Take your practice to Eckhart-levels of consciousness.

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Why Getting a Second (and Third and Fourth) Medical Opinion Has Never Been So Important

1 in 5 US patients with severe conditions are misdiagnosed. BRB, just picking our jaw off the ground.

But What is Dry Needling Actually?

Think acupuncture, but also kinda different.

C & The Moon is Kris Jenner’s Fave Body Scrub

Loved by Hollywood. Made in Malibu.

What Just Happened? A Weekly Roundup of Politics

Ann Lewis looks at Connecticut’s ruling which allows gun manufacturers to be sued, the Paul Manafort sentencing, and the college admissions bribery scandal.

Fresh Endive and Citrus Salad

Homer Simpson was wrong. You do win friends with salad.

Cancer, Casually: Gail Landau

The founder of Catmosphere Laguna speaks about her cancer diagnosis, leaving her career as a lawyer, and opening Orange County’s first cat cafe.