New Age Fries: Crispy Smashed Potatoes & Chipotle Aioli

This potato recipe might just be the one.

The Fullest


House of Intuition: A Magical World of Tea Leaf Readings and the Metaphysical

We’re not psychic but we’re pretty sure you’re going to love LA’s House of Intuition. Expand your consciousness through tarot, tea leaves, reiki, aura, and intuitive readings.

Erica Williams

Upworthy Creative Director and host of My Peoples TV talks faith, FaceTime, and family… and also about how she uses a digital timer to keep her on track.

Hot Yoga: Evolve or Die

Want 60 minute Hot Yoga sessions? No sweat. Some yogis are breaking tradition to give the people what they want.

Learning to Love My Inner Righteous Bitch

Don’t bottle up your anger. Instead throw that bottle at a wall. Scream in your pillow. Imagine your ex’s face on your boxing bag. This filmmaker, author, and TED Fellow just gave you permission to get mad.

Learn to Love Your Most Hated Yoga Poses

Yes, even Pigeon.