Female Foodies: 5 Women Reclaiming The Kitchen

Check out the 5 women turning up the heat in professional kitchens across the country. Plus, the lunch wrap made with a woman’s touch.

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Jenni Kayne On How To Do It All With A Little Help From Your Lady Friends

As a designer/blogger/mother/wellness ambassador Jenni Kayne is a true slashie. So, how does she maintain her incredible juggling act? By having trusted hands to catch her if it all gets to be too much. Take a peek at her success secrets (and while you’re at it, her drool-worthy spring collection).

Lavinia Errico

Founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and motivational speaker talks sleeping bag saunas, the importance of getting down on the d-floor, and tuning in to the right frequency.

BOOBS. Now That We’ve Got Your Attention, It’s Really Important You Read This

Burn the bra. Free the nipple. Turns out these feminist slogans double as medical advice for protecting your breasts.

Why The Business World Needs A Feminine Touch

One writer argues the corporate world can become world-changing with a simple lady’s touch.

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This simple mantra from Yogi Bhajan is a powerful affirmation for any women. Take our 40-day meditation challenge, and chant your way to your best self.