Creating an Environment of Authenticity

Are you an uplifter or an energy vampire? Learn how to genuinely bring out the best in people with this quick exercise.

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An Immune Boosting Broth Recipe with Healing Powers

It alkalizes, ferments, has complete proteins and essential amino acids? Drop the mic. This immune boosting broth has everything you need to kick that lingering winter cold.

Ludlow Coffee Supply: Stimulating the Lower East Side

Ludlow Coffee Supply dishes up NYC’s fave coffee, avocado toast, kale salad, and, if you get in good with the owner, maybe even some chicken-and-waffles.

Don’t Mess with the ’Do: The Search for the Perfect Stylist

Learn from Ruben Campos’ hairdresser fails. His bad buzz cut is your gain.

Elizabeth Kott

She’s obsessed with Korean skincare, sex dust and Dr. Laura. Elizabeth Kott, the co-host of That’s So Retrograde, shares the seven things that give her all the happy vibes.

Dana James on Diet Dogma

Food fads are still a thing. Thankfully, Dana James is here to free you from the tyranny of diet dogma and self doubt.