Removing the Salary Stigma

How can we close the pay gap if we don’t even know what it is? It’s time to take our salaries out of the closet and put them all on the table.

The Fullest


Hypnosis: Self-Care For Your Subconcious

It’s hard to correct devolved thoughts and behaviors if you’re not aware they’re there. Enter hypnotism– a powerful form of self-care for your subconscious mind.

From Career to Calling

Need help figuring out your purpose? We got you. These four secrets will help you step into work that lights you up. Prepare to be illuminated.

Jack’s Wife Freda’s Grain Bowl

This grain bowl recipe from spiffy Soho cafe, Jack’s Wife Freda is one of their most coveted lunch items. So if you’re putting it in the office fridge, make sure to clearly label it HANDS OFF.

Chillhouse: Your One-Stop Zen Shop

Yes, it’s as relaxing as it sounds. Enter this New York utopia that lets you get a massage… after your mani-pedi… while sipping on a Malbec.

Natalia Pascual

The jewelry designer behind Nala Malas creates sacred threads that blend the mystical, the feminine, and the colorful into pieces you’ll never want to take off.