Banana Toffee Tart

This to-die-for plant-based tart and its perfect marriage of salty and sweet has us going… umm… bananas.

The Fullest


Dance All Day with DAYBREAKER

You snooze, you lose. This 6am dance party is well worth the early morning wake-up call.

Atomic Living: Following Your Heart

Life plans are hard. Most of us don’t know where to eat for dinner, let alone where we want to be in five years. But maybe we don’t need an end goal. Maybe the answer to a happy life is simply knowing what makes us happy right now.

Jess Zanotti

This globe-trotting stylist has a unique eye for the feminine and the floral. Take a peek at the seven things making her life bloom… including the redeeming power of a girl gang and her favorite platform for styling inspo.

Happiness is a Dangling Carrot

Happiness is not an external force– it’s a mindset. And that’s awesome! Because now we can all reach Pharrell-Dancing in-the-Streets-of-Downtown LA levels of happiness, simply by changing our thoughts.

Happy Habits With Kyle Miller

Just like DJ Khaled, Kyle Miller believes the best way to get over feeling down is to #BlessUp. We sat down with the yogi as she transformed our thinking on happiness and generously shared her practical tips and tricks to help everyone count their blessings– in and outside the studio.