Spicy Udon with Sichuan Tempeh

This Matthew Kenney dish is full of oodles of noodles of vegan goodness. And if you own tastebuds, then it’s your duty to make this for your mouth. Savor it in all its spicy glory.

The Fullest


The AYR Girl

Are you an AYR Girl? If we had to hazard a guess, we’d say, heck yes you are, you little fashionista you! And now, just for our favorite gals, we’ve discovered a fashion label making clothes with you in mind– from design to delivery.

Forget Niche Dating Apps; Dating Takes Time

You’ve got your checklist of requirements for future BAE, entered it into your preferred dating app, and now you’re sitting back and praying for those three little words, “It’s a match.” But are niche dating apps preventing us from finding love in unexpected places and people?

Ashley Galvin

Her body-bending moves bend the minds of her huge Instagram following. Like seriously, how did she get that foot there? One of Cali’s biggest yogi influencers, Ashley Galvin, shares her tips and tricks with us– everything from the best yoga mat on the market to just how she keeps her sun-kissed skin so healthy.

Tired of Being Busy?

Overworked and need to slow down? You don’t need to go cold turkey. Learn how to un-busy yourself one hour at a time.

Slow Living with Sweet Laurel Bakery

A rare autoimmune disorder lead Laurel Gallucci to see a health challenge as an opportunity. Choosing to focus on healing through food, Laurel adopted a strict elimination diet. Being cut off from dairy, grains, and refined-sugar led her into the kitchen to create her own dessert destiny, Sweet Laurel Bakery. Her commitment to her vision for health has crystallized the often underappreciated notion that slow, steady steps in the right direction are the key to radically changing your life.