Mastering Maple Cream

Nothing is better than realizing a goal. Particularly if that goal is making your own homemade maple cream. Whip up the recipe here!

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The Perfect 10 Friendship Behind NYC’s Dimes

Yes there are tears and yes there are stress headaches. But according to the damsels behind Chinatown’s coveted restaurant Dimes, waking up everyday to realize you and your bestie did it is a pretty awesome feeling. Now get these gal pals two cents on mixing friendship and business.

Harnessing Our Epigenetic Landscape

Strike the perfect balance between food therapy, nutraceuticals, mediation and cellular movement… and then biohack your way to a healthier and happier 2017 you.

Amanda Kloots

A dessert blogger/personal trainer sounds like an oxymoron. But dancer Amanda Kloots is exactly that. Discover the seven things keeping her world as balanced as her ballet poses.

Why Surrendering is Not Giving Up

Surrendering is tough for all of us but as one writer explains, learning to wave your little white flag of emotion every once and awhile makes life a whole lot easier.

Energy Muse On Perceived Control

Even crystal healers can’t control everything. Meet the charismatic women behind Energy Muse and learn their personal struggles with control and the modalities they use to overcome it.