Past Life Regression Meditation is Kinda Life

Michelle Pellizzon explains what you can learn from past life regression… even if you’re a bonafide skeptic.

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Water Brewery’s Roasted Chimichurri and Fingerling Potatoes

If there’s only one food we could eat for the rest of our eternal lives, this recipe from Water Brewery might just be it.

HigherDOSE, the Infrared Detox Spa

This is not your Mother’s Day Spa. Check out NY’s latest detox craze, HigherDOSE.

We’re Calling Out Cultural Appropriation this Halloween

Halloween costumes that turn religious, racial and cultural traditions into caricatures — not cool, guys. In fact, it’s kinda scary.

Shelby Wild

Hair care queen, Shelby Wild shares her wellness tips including ocean dips, African adventures and the insurmountable benefits of pizza.