Kinako White Chocolate Crunch

Ah, the old midnight chocolate craving. We’ve all been there. And now, we’ve got the perfect white chocolate recipe for you to crunch on… with a lot less guilt.

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Change the Way You THINX About Periods

You’ve read about their game-changing underpants everywhere, swooned over their chic AF marketing campaign, and one of your friends is begging you to try their cycle set undies (and rightly so). Now, meet the twin sisters who just dropped the mic on the feminine hygiene category, pretty much transforming periods FOREVER.

A New Perspective on Immediacy

You just left work. You’re ordering your Pad Thai on GrubHub from your Uber. You’ve timed it perfectly so that as you arrive at your doorstep, so too will your dinner. But what are the long-term impacts of our ‘want it now’ culture?

Jesse Krimes

Drug offender. Convicted felon. Multimedia artist. Activist. This week’s influencer is as talented as he is an anomaly. Understand Jesse Krimes’ worldview as he shares seven things that have had a profound impact on his life.

The Diffusion of Responsibility

Yes, your best friend doesn’t recycle her plastic water bottles. And your uber rich uncle hasn’t donated a single dime to charity. But here’s why in our bid to save the world, pointing the finger doesn’t help anybody.

Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson’s Kind Campaign

Meet the inspirational ladies behind Kind Campaign. They’re taking on mean girls and instead teaching teens that it’s way cooler to be kind.