Monogamy in the 21st Century

Courtney Prather opens up about her open relationship experience.

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Good in theory, hard-ish in practice… but still worth it? Rachel Cantor takes an objective look at reduction living.

Catt Sadler’s Bag with a Purpose

Everyone wins in Catt Sadler’s collab with designer LumillaMingus. Profits from each hand-beaded piece help improve facilities for Kenya’s at-risk youth.

Naomi Klein Says No Is Not Enough

What do Nike, Starbucks and Trump have in common? Brand management. Naomi Klein explains.

Not to Make You More Depressed, but Disaster Capitalism is a Thing

Profiteering off hurricanes and climate change? It’s just not natural.

Ariel Kaye

Get the seven things that make Parachute CEO Ariel Kaye sleep easy.