Gluten-Free Pumpkin Gnocchi

Take comfort in the fact that this comfort food is actually good for you. Yep, this butter based gnocchi recipe is gluten-free and full of healthy properties like CLA and Vitamin K. Mmm… butter… sorry, we got distracted. Click here for the recipe of your Netflix and Chill dreams.

The Fullest


The Sill, Planting a Little Sunshine in NYC

Whether you have a green thumb or you can easily kill a cactus, nursery boutique The Sill has a plant for you. They offer a step-by-step care guide to smoothly pave your way to plant parenthood, as well as a get-out-of-jail-free card (so if you do accidentally kill your plant in the first 30 days, you’ll get a full refund). So go on, add some sunshine to your sill!

Managing Your Magnetism as a Self-Help Practitioner

Are you a yogi, healer, or nutritionist? Or maybe your social group’s go-to-girl? All of us are self-help practitioners in some way. Oftentimes we find people unintentionally draining our energy or find ourselves investing too much in other people’s problems. Christine Dionese offers simple tips to help ward off energy vampires by setting boundaries with clients, friends, and yourself.

Daniella Hunter

This awarded holistic food innovator and hotelier shares the seven things that heal her both physically and mentally. These include her fave probiotics, the powerful properties of marine phytoplankton, and the importance of gettin’ dirty.

Discover Your Soul’s Resonance

Enlightenment isn’t an end goal. And it isn’t only found in a six-week meditation retreat. It can happen anywhere: on your sketch pad, in downward dog, or even a movie theatre. Discover the tools to help you feel truly alive in every moment.

Shiva Rose on Boundless Confidence

This actress, activist, blogger and beauty guru shares her theory on boundless confidence and childhood.