Author: Taylor Morgan

Author: Taylor Morgan

How IX Style Turned a Crisis Into an Opportunity

Hate something. Change something. Feel something, with IX Style.

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Learning How to Say “Yes” More Often: Time Management with Laura Vanderkam

This author and SuperMom helps us get our priorities straight. And fun is at the top of the list.

House of Intuition: A Magical World of Tea Leaf Readings and the Metaphysical

We’re not psychic but we’re pretty sure you’re going to love LA’s House of Intuition. Expand your consciousness through tarot, tea leaves, reiki, aura, and intuitive readings.

Only in LA: The Nail Salon + Astrology Collab

Struggling to choose your next nail color? Let the stars do it for you. This latest collab turns colorscope astrology readings into mani/pedis.

Jenni Kayne On How To Do It All With A Little Help From Your Lady Friends

As a designer/blogger/mother/wellness ambassador Jenni Kayne is a true slashie. So, how does she maintain her incredible juggling act? By having trusted hands to catch her if it all gets to be too much. Take a peek at her success secrets (and while you’re at it, her drool-worthy spring collection).

Downtown LA’s Eco-Conscious Children’s Line: Boy + Girl

This fashion line from ex-Ralph Lauren and Nike designer Christine Chang, will make you wish they never had to grow up.

Incausa: Not Made In America

Enjoy an exclusive reader-discount on beautiful indigenous items that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.