Author: Miranda Rae Hart

Author: Miranda Rae Hart

A Case for Cigarettes

Why e-cigs will never match the old school glamour of smoking.

The Fullest


Life as my Brown Mother’s White Daughter

The highs, the lows, the racism, and the privilege.

10 Books to Pretend to Read in a Coffee Shop so the Bae of Your Dreams Will Notice You

Looking for a conversation starter with your local coffee shop cutie? Look no further. Here are the titles you need to find your perfect bookworm bae.

How LA Will Change You and What to Do About It

Have you been Angeleno-fied? If you know your boss’ sun sign, the answer is yes. But as Miranda Rae Hart discovered, navigating between “Hometown You” and “LA You” can be a minefield of conflicting identity.

The Staying Power of Reese Witherspoon’s Plucky Heroines

From Legally Blonde to Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon’s role choices represent her personal brand: optimistic grit.