Author: Megan Grocutt

Author: Megan Grocutt

Breathe & Learn: After-School Mindfulness Training

These kids are getting schooled in mindfulness and they’re loving it. Meet the next Citizens of the World.

The Fullest


Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese sandwich is so gourmet you could serve it up at your next fancy pants soiree.

Mastering Maple Cream

Nothing is better than realizing a goal. Particularly if that goal is making your own homemade maple cream. Whip up the recipe here!

The Whole Kohlrabi

We don’t often think that feeding ourselves and our loved ones healthy meals is an act of altruism– but it is. This Kohlrabi Fritter recipe will have you feeling ultra altruistic because it’s as nutritious as it is delicious. True feel good food.

Peach Preserves

This Peach Preserve recipe is totally our jam. Get it?

Yes, We’ll Have S’more S’mores

This all-natural S’mores recipe just took your summer campfire to a whole new level of chocolatey, gooey goodness.

Citrus Everything

Waste not, want not is the motto of this week’s recipes. Turn your citrus peels into delightful dressings and detoxifying teas.