Author: Kat Odell

Author: Kat Odell

Raw Mesquite Cookie Dough Bites

We challenge you to stop at just one. #cantstop #wontstop

The Fullest


Strawberry and Matcha Ice Cream Sandwiches

Probably the most fun you’ve ever had with a food processor.

Cosmic Kale Breakfast Wraps

Adaptogens included.

Spinach Pronuts with Matcha-Cardamom Cream

Protein donuts. They sound like an oxymoron, but actually they’re not… and they’re delicious.

Frozen Vanilla Bean Strawberry Fudge

Say hello to the plant-based fudge that’s impossible to fudge.

Light as Air Matcha Raspberry Breakfast Cakes

We’re on a dessert-for-breakfast kick at the moment. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Gluten-Free Salted Maple Muffins

These are made with bananas and avocados instead of butter. So of course you can have them for breakfast!