Author: Johanie Martinez-Cools

Author: Johanie Martinez-Cools

Summertime Sadness is a Thing

Lana Del Rey knew what was up.

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Whose Responsibility is it to Fix the Earth?

Everyone is being put on blast. Especially the White House.

Could We Really Just Close Down Prisons?

But what about the murderers?

Why Dems Want to Gut the Electoral College

Such a great question.

A Cut Above: New York Bans Hair Discrimination

My hair, don’t care.

the fullest Book Club: Everything You Love Will Burn

A reporter goes undercover to document America’s white nationalist groups. A woman of color reviews. Her verdict? Everyone should stomach this book.

What’s it Really Like to Be a Teenager In the Instagram Age?

Fame or infamy? It’s a slippery slope for kids figuring it out on the Internet.