Author: Jasmin Jenkins

Author: Jasmin Jenkins

Jasmin Jenkins Walks Us Through the Stages of Grief

Dedicated to navigating loss.

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Mindful Men: Shane Heath of MUD/WTR

On shame, mushrooms, and gravity blankets.

Sacred (and Adult) Sleepovers

Psychedelics, third eye openings, and shamanic supervision will be provided.

Mindful Men: Robert Charles

From hedge fund manager to mindfulness master, he’s no longer counting pennies, but prayers.

Mindful Men: Zev Eisenberg

From top NYC art gallerist to a therapist in training.

Mindful Men: Kyle Hermans, the Spiritual Entrepreneur

This modern man is very tapped into his ancient energy.

Mindful Men: Eric Brief of Crystal Criminals

Finally, a guy that gets crystals.