Author: Emily Frederick

Author: Emily Frederick

10 Days Without a Phone

Could you do it? A trip to Cuba forced this travel writer to phone detox. And yes, she survived– even without Google maps.

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A New Perspective on Immediacy

You just left work. You’re ordering your Pad Thai on GrubHub from your Uber. You’ve timed it perfectly so that as you arrive at your doorstep, so too will your dinner. But what are the long-term impacts of our ‘want it now’ culture?

Forget Niche Dating Apps; Dating Takes Time

You’ve got your checklist of requirements for future BAE, entered it into your preferred dating app, and now you’re sitting back and praying for those three little words, “It’s a match.” But are niche dating apps preventing us from finding love in unexpected places and people?

Atomic Living: Following Your Heart

Life plans are hard. Most of us don’t know where to eat for dinner, let alone where we want to be in five years. But maybe we don’t need an end goal. Maybe the answer to a happy life is simply knowing what makes us happy right now.

How Traveling to Cuba Inspired My Healthier Kitchen

This traveler was on a mission to uncover the best cooking in Cuba. Fortunately, she didn’t have to stray too far.

Kintsugi: Why Mistakes Make Us Beautiful

This ancient Japanese pottery tradition helps you pick up the pieces, inside and out.

Connor DeVane

Sometimes overcoming climate change seems insurmountable. Environmentalist Connor DeVane shares some simple steps that can make a huge difference.