Author: Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Author: Dr. Habib Sadeghi

The Dark Side of Soy

A closer look at America’s favorite health food.

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Meditation as Medicine

Meditation is medicine without the nasty side effects.

A Dose of Caution: Aspirin With Care

The dangers of over-the-counter medications.

Trouble on Tap: Dr Sadeghi’s Guide to Drinking Water

There’s something in the tap water.

Dr. Sadeghi Explains When and How to “Give the Talk”

Side note: it’s a lot sooner than you think.

Don’t Call it a Diet: Helping Children Lose Weight

Helping your child lose weight without creating food or body issues.

Dr. Sadeghi Wants You to Ask for Thermography, Not a Mammogram

Some breast cancer prevention practices inflict their own perils.