Author: Courtney Prather

Author: Courtney Prather

A Marine Biologist Gives Us the Real Deal on Ocean Health

The ocean is dialing 9-1-1. Let’s hope we pick up in time.

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Father John Misty’s Lyrical Protest

The indie folk singer is whistling a new tune in the Trump era… and we’re all ears.

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Kendrick’s 20-something creative collaborator is just as powerful in her own right.

Move Past Your Creative Fears

Courtney Prather examines Elizabeth Gilbert’s most recent book, Big Magic.

A History of Heckling and How to Deal With it in 2017

By looking at the origins of heckling, Courtney Prather hopes to find ways to end it once and for all.

Monogamy in the 21st Century

Courtney Prather opens up about her open relationship experience.