Author: Clara Malley

Author: Clara Malley

Taking Clean Beauty to Congress

All you need to know about the non-toxic beauty bill.

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My body, my choice of healthcare system.

Heart Berries, a Love Story

Terese Marie Maihot’s heartbreakingly poetic memoir, Heart Berries, has made every Books-You-MUST-Read list since its launch — and we’re no different.

Angela Davis is One of the Most Powerful Voices on Intersectional Feminism

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Inherited Influence and Celebrity Offspring

From Trump to Manning to North West, inherited influence is a defining force in our culture and government.

A Deeper Look into Nella Larsen’s Passing

Two women of mixed-race are caught between worlds in 1930’s Harlem.

A Guide to D.C. in the Spring

Because there’s no better time to visit our nation’s capital than cherry blossom season.