Author: Christine Dionese

Author: Christine Dionese

Why You Need a Constitutional Attorney in Your Contact List

Call my lawyer.

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Why Emotional Eating is a Good Thing

Permission to eat your feelings.

Ovaltine Shake 3.0

The 90’s called and they want their Ovaltine back. But we’re not giving it to ‘em.

Yin or Yang? Team Hot or Team Cold?

We trial cold therapy and EMF saunas.

The Best CBD Strain According to Your DNA

Green Genomix is a genetic screening company that’s blazing a new trail in plant-based medicine.

The Fullest Book Club: The Period Repair Manual

When you get that cramping feeling, you want menstrual healing — not doctors trying to prescribe you the pill.

Personalized Probiotics Are Here

Because no two microbiomes are the same.