Author: Bristol Baughan

Author: Bristol Baughan

Become an Expert at Life Design

Get a Ph.D. in manifesting. Bristol Baughan’s three simple steps will upgrade your life in all the ways.

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The Fear of Mediocrity Keeps You Mediocre

Inner Astronauts founder, Bristol Baughan leans into mediocrity and finds it scary AF… but also pretty damn liberating.

Evolve Already

Are you guilty of placing your own prejudice– however well-informed, evolved or privileged it may be– on others? Bristol Baughan thinks we all need to start practicing some real empathy.

Getting Naked in Public

You don’t need a Victoria’s Secret body to feel good naked. But you do need a healthy dose of courage and a little self-love. Follow one writer’s journey from feeling subconscious to flawless in her birthday skin.

Are You a Connection Hunter?

From blackout drunk, to workaholism, to a pilgrimage with Tibetan monks, Bristol Baughan has been on a lifelong and exhaustive search for human connection… and her findings are not what you expect.

Discover Your Soul’s Resonance

Enlightenment isn’t an end goal. And it isn’t only found in a six-week meditation retreat. It can happen anywhere: on your sketch pad, in downward dog, or even a movie theatre. Discover the tools to help you feel truly alive in every moment.

The Rage Trigger

Everyone has their own Incredible Hulk. Yep, even your yogi friend that just got rear-ended by that douche in the Porsche and responded with an incomprehensibly calm “Namaste.” We all feel anger, injustice, fury… and we all have different catalysts. Here, Bristol Baughan shares her rage triggers and what she does with them.