Author: Alysa Osvog

Author: Alysa Osvog

Restorative Yoga: Peel Away Your Pain

Emotional hurt and heartbreak is held physically in the body. Let it all go with this class.

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Restorative Yoga: Reset Your Entire Body

Bring the entire body out of hibernation with this yoga practice.

Reset Yoga Video: Simple Stillness

This simple restorative set can be done from any old chair – you don’t even need to BYO mat. Release tension and anxiety from your office desk or dining room table.

Restorative Yoga To Help You Rise Up

The New Moon is an incredible opportunity to manifest but it can only be achieved through a present state of mind. Try this restorative yoga, its focus on the root chakra has a powerful grounding effect.

Reset Yoga: Align Your Chakras With Your Truth

In this confidence building meditation, we’re helping you practice what you preach.