Hello November! Scorpio season is upon us, and in true Scorpion fashion, that means a rebirth. With all the “character-building,” ‘lessons,” and “dark knights of the soul,” we have been shedding people, places, and things. So, of course, we are ready for the cleansing, seeing the resurrection of who you are meant to be and do. Happy Birthday to the mysterious, transformative, and intuitive-retaliators of the zodiac.

October gave the sound of a starting pistol as the eclipses came rolling in to disrupt the stagnant energies padding our lives.

The more you can practice healthy detachment and gratitude for what comes and goes, the quality of life transcends. This will be a big theme for years to come as we see the very tapestry of our lives — food, air, water, healthcare, and governments all change shape — the epitome of the Age of Aquarius.

November will bring the cleansing fires as we slide into Sagittarius season at the end of the month, as well as some heavy Neptune dreamlike energy.

Expect creativity, problem-solving, and spirituality to be more available to you this month.

It can be very foggy with these rose-colored lenses of Neptune on, so be sure to have checks and balances with matters of fantasy vs. reality, sex, desire, and money. Scorpio is one of the signs representing other people’s money, shared resources, and how we spend. Take the time to sit down, review your finances, do what you can now, and remember the power of your visualizations. We didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Here are the dates to be mindful of as we traverse the cosmos:

November 4th: Saturn retrograde goes direct — expect forward movement and to be busy! Every sign will experience this differently, but it will generally feel like a karmic reprieve from all we have been healing generationally.

November 5th: Daylight saving time — set your clocks back. Rest is imperative!

November 6th: Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn — beautiful energy! Passions will feel strong this day, so go on a date, spend time with your partner, and make love. Money matters will shift this day, so create!

November 8th: Venus into Libra; she is domicile here — meaning at home in this planet, its ruler. Commitment, diplomacy, charming, compromise, justice — all Libra terms can describe this beautiful time. Libras love a well-curated ambiance and to apply romance to all the corners of life, and for good reason. It is through this relational sign we understand that the reflection of another is really telling us about ourselves.

November 9th: Speak your truth as Mercury in Sagittarius communicates through lived experience.

November 10th: Mercury in Sagittarius squares Saturn in Pisces — take your time. It is not ideal to sign new contracts on this day, but if you must, just read the fine print and note the details.

November 11th: 11/11 portal for integrating new energies. This would be a lovely day to lay low and limit engagement with Mars in Scorpio, squaring Uranus in Taurus. This can also mean big earth changes.

November 13th: New Moon in Scorpio. This can feel very intense —passionate revelations, new projects, and a great time to start over.

November 17th: Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. It is a beautiful day for those pursuing spiritual projects, ventures, and healing work. The Sun in Scorpio will also trine Neptune in Pisces, really harnessing our intuitive self down into our bodies.

November 22nd: Sun enters Sagittarius. Happy Birthday to the adventurous, truth-seekers, and philosophers of the zodiac!

November 24th: Mars enters Sagittarius energies will be truth-seeking, expansive to what is being shown to us through media. Question everything, and do not be afraid to change your mind about what you’ve been taught.

November 27th: Full Moon in Gemini. It’s a great day to sort through ideas, finalize plans, and mean what you say. A full realization of the higher and lower parts of the self is necessary to have a balanced human experience (the twins). Also, it’s a time to listen; really listen to yourself and others.

What does this mean for each sign in November?


Aries: Transformation is underway for you, Aries, as your 8th house of death, sex, transformation, and psychology are activated. Who are you now? Are you resonating with who you see, or are old beliefs and memories driving your human?

Leo: Home and family matters will be front and center for you. Intense topics, understanding your ancestry, and their perspectives on life can bring “aha” moments to your life. Your 4th house of family, parents, security, and home is being activated.

Sagittarius: Confronting inner shadows will be the theme for your season. Refraining from running to the next adventure, really pausing to look at your subconscious as your 12th house of spirituality, solitude, and self-reflection is activated.


Taurus: Balancing relationships will be your area of focus as your 7th house of marriage, commitments, unions, and relationships is highlighted. If you need space, communicate that so you feel safe to do so.

Virgo: Communicate with your community. Your 3rd house of communication, knowledge, siblings, and logic is highlighted. Pour into those that also pour into you. Recoil your energetic cords back, cleansed from those that no longer serve the highest good.

Capricorn: What are friends for? This is a time to evaluate your community. Are their goals and ideals in a healthy vicinity? Those we share our energies with affect our success and reputation. Elevate will be the theme as the 11th house of friends and community is activated.


Gemini: Health, work, and routines are the themes of the 6th house of health service, and work is highlighted. This month will be very beneficial for Gemini in terms of work, as Saturn is going direct in Pisces in your 10th house of career, fame, and socializing. So conserve your energy and practice wellness as you’re about to be very busy.

Libra: Confidence in your talents is key for you this month. Your 2nd house of possessions, wealth, and resources is activated. Do what you need to do to dig deep and feel secure in what you have to offer. This is a wonderful time for creating a new stable income.

Aquarius: Career and reputation, as well as legacy, are front of mind for you, Aquarius. Your 10th house of career, fame, and social is activated. You will experience liberation with the Full Moon lunar eclipse from October and allows you to pursue your goals honestly and with confidence.


Cancer: Seek pleasure and enjoyment this month as your 5th house of pleasure, creativity, children, and fun is activated. Allow your childhood dreams to resurface and make what you can come true. This loving act to your childhood self will allow you to parent in a pure, authentic manner and not just “how our mothers did it.” Reparent yourself to be a good parent and play.

Scorpio: Happy Birthday Scorpio! Your natal 1st house of self-identity, image, and needs are highlighted. Last month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign broke open a damn of loving energy to allow others in and to express yourself with confidence. It is safe to express your desires while on this earth.

Pisces: Exploring and journeying through the self are the themes for you this month, Pisces. This is a wonderful time for you to reevaluate your directions and your goals. It can feel like a new lease on life after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last month. With Saturn going direct in your sign, it can light a new path for you that you couldn’t see while in retrograde. The 9th house of philosophy, beliefs, ethics, and travel is activated.

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