Ahhh, October is here. Fall is upon us, welcoming in a beautiful time of introspection and the evaluation of who “you” are. Is it balanced? Are the scales of Libra tipping harder to one side in your life? What are the relationships between the concept of “me,” “you,” and “us”?

Happy Birthday, Librans! We achieve justice, balance, and compliment with this sign. It is fascinating that the scales are the only inanimate sign of the zodiac — meaning without a heartbeat. How simultaneously beautiful and devastating; the need to be deliberate and establish heart connectivity with another does not always come so naturally for the scales.

What are we eager to shed? What are we bringing in?

These themes will be important as the South Node is also in Libra and the North Node in Aries.

Let the beautifully changed leaves drop to the ground in their unending cycle of growth, death, and rebirth — preparation for the transformative Scorpio season at the end of the month and into November.

Notable Energies in October:

  • October 4th: Mercury, our communication planet, enters Libra after being retrograde in Virgo. This is the time to see all situations from both sides. Communication will be a lot smoother.
  • October 8th: Venus enters Virgo and shows us how the details of our loved ones help us to feel seen and appreciated. This will allow space for us to take our relationships more seriously. It is a great time to do projects with loved ones and accomplish something together.
  • October 8th: Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, warning us to beware of unnecessary fighting and saying things we cannot undo. What is the real frustration? Get honest.
  • October 10th: Pluto directly in Capricorn (as the planet of the underworld) is finishing out his time there; this will allow for transformation to continue forward. This means the ongoing redesigning of our personal and collective infrastructures. Goals can change in a more optimistic light, and responsibilities and processes will transform.
  • October 12th: Mars enters Scorpio, upping all the passion and intensity. This can quickly change to controlling and unrelenting, so be mindful of your motives. Dedication to rebirth will come naturally, so surrender to what life is re-arranging.
  • October 14th: The beginning of the Eclipse Season! The first Solar Eclipse in Libra may have us letting go of expired relationships. This will be ongoing with the South Node in Libra as well. Trust that what is happening is for your highest path, and it will all come together for you. This is also a wonderful time for new partnerships and renewal of those you’re currently nourishing. Commitment and compromise are the name of the game.
  • October 20th: Mercury squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing up aggravations and the desire to fight. Ask yourself, “Is this emotion misplaced? What is at the core?” Reactions can be harsh, so pause and repair.
  • October 21st: Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This can add to arguments; remain neutral if possible.
  • October 22nd: Mercury enters Scorpio, and our mental energy is very high. It is a great time to devote yourself to unfinished (or new) projects to distract from the rumination. The desire for control will be strong, so take care of yourself and let others do the same.
  • October 22nd: Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus; this is a beautiful time of peace, love, and care. Community and the need for like-minded peers will be a prevalent theme.
  • October 23rd: Happy Birthday, Scorpios! Sun entering Scorpio ignites passions, sexuality, intensity, transformations, sharing, power, and rebirth — the most notable energies of The Scorpion.
  • October 28th: The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings the culmination of themes and projects we started 1-2 years ago. Review your journal or photo album to recall what you were incepting. This is also a strong energy of clearing the blocks around stability, security, and finances.
  • October 31st: Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus; this will bring healthy changes to our love lives. You can establish new ways to connect and care for your partner, friends, and family. You may find yourself open to new people, as well.

What Does This Mean for Each Sign in October?


Aries: Your relationships will focus as the Sun is transiting through your 7th house. You may want to seek independence naturally but lean into the shared reliance on another. It is safe to have needs and be needed as well.

Leo: Your desires for connection and a deep love story will be coming up for you, as well as the need for stimulating conversations with like-minded people. Play with others, discover new hobbies, and enjoy the focus of networking, expression, and communication.

Sagittarius: Your 11th house of friends and social groups will activate your desire to join new organizations and self-focused retreats. Open yourself up to collective support and watch how others can add to your life experience; you don’t have to go at it alone!


Taurus: Your daily routines are being reworked this month. This is a great time to assess your health and wellness, as your 6th house is highlighted. Check-in with your rituals and see what areas can be reworked for who you are now. Eliminating outdated things will help spring you into a new cycle.

Virgo: Your 2nd house (worth, value, money, and possessions) is activated. Capitalize on your many talents to make money — especially in the form of something you enjoy. Review finances and put some away for an adventure.

Capricorn: Your 10th house (reputation, social status, career, and purpose) is in focus. This is a wonderful time to express yourself and any new art or work you have completed. Enjoy this time to have the attention on you for your achievements.


Gemini: This month, your 5th house (children, passion, romance, and interest) is highlighted. Seduction, in all ways, will ignite your spirit this month. Be it taking the time to indulge solely in yourself or your partner, make sure to savor the moments and be present. Family matters — this may weigh heavy on the mind.

Libra: Happy Birthday! As the sun transits through your 1st house of self, awareness, personality, appearance, and identity, you can find yourself relishing in all the attention. Remember to be authentic to yourself and apply boundaries. It can be easy for this sign to acquiesce to others’ projections.

Aquarius: Your 9th house (philosophy, education, travel, and law) is highlighted this month. You have been aching to travel and escape from the day-to-day stresses. This is your sign to book the trip and download new information from a fresh location.


Cancer: Your 4th house (family, home, and personal foundation) is in focus this month. Take time to indulge in your home-life pleasures — cooking, re-decorating, romance with your partner, and anything that makes you feel secure and grounded in your space. Your sign has been undergoing deep change, so this is needed!

Scorpio: Your 12th house (self-undoing, transcendence, and solitude) is in the spotlight. This is where spirituality can be nourished, and new abilities come to light. Take this time in solitude to retreat, reflect, and heal the parts of you that have been bubbling up to the surface and begging for attention.

Pisces: Your 8th house (intimacy, taxes, death, and rebirth) is the focus this month. It can be an exceptionally stressful time if you are waiting on others to get the green light for projects, communicate, and move something forward. Making lists of the tasks at hand with detailed steps to cross off will give you a sense of guidance and serve as a manifestation worksheet. Have faith that what’s being cleared is for your highest alignment.

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