Recovery 2.0 with Tommy Rosen

10.10.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome internationally renowned yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and addiction recovery expert Tommy Rosen to THE FULLEST Podcast. Unlike traditional recovery programs, Tommy’s global organization, Recovery 2.0, is dedicated to inspiring and uniting people in recovery from addiction through yoga and meditation. Tommy has helped thousands of people overcome addictions and transform their lives through his classes, workshops, courses, destination retreats, and book.

In today’s conversation, Nikki and Tommy unpack the addiction mindset, the varying journeys to sobriety, how Recovery 2.0 differs from the norm, and health and wellness’s role in overcoming addiction.

Other topics discussed:

  • Tommy’s journey to sobriety
  • The mainstream path to recovery vs. Recovery 2.0’s approach
  • Treating symptoms of disease vs. causes & conditions
  • The importance of physical health, diet, yoga, & breathwork
  • Gratuity mindset
  • Pain as a form of motivation
  • Taking your health into your own hands
  • Life’s joys & challenges
  • Awareness and greater consciousness

Heal, thrive, and finally be free — it’s time to move beyond addiction and upgrade your life! Tune in and share with loved ones who may be interested in listening to this conversation.

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