And just like that, September is already upon us. Happy birthday Virgos! The considerate, methodical, and efficient ones are here to cleanse the halfway point of the zodiac journey — the 6th sign. Virgo season is one of renewal, reorganizing, and reimagining your world inside health (as Virgo rules the human body) and the outside — job, home, and day-to-day workings.

We welcome the Fall of the sun this month, with the Equinox taking place on the 23rd. What can be understood about this upcoming month is change. Beautiful change. Lots of beneficial energy to resume the processes we have been re-imagining with half the solar system retrograding.

Last month, we rode the waves of Venus retrograde and the beginning of Mercury retrograde on August 23rd.

What did this celestial sleep of Venus for 40 days have to show you about your relationship with how you love yourself? How do you love your partner? How do you love your friends and partnerships of all kinds (Libra)?

Now, with Venus Direct on September 3rd, we can practice using all the upgraded tools we acquired in our love stories thus far.

We will be integrating the Blue Full Moon in Pisces energies from August 31st, as well as the Saturn in Pisces influences that ask us “What is real?” (Neptune in Pisces) and “What must leave?”(Saturn).

On the same day, September 4th, we have Jupiter, the planet of luck, gifts, and growth, retrograding in Taurus’s steady, practical sign. This will happen for the first time in 12 years and lasts until December 30th.

A time of walking through our karma slowly, we must be flexible. It may feel like a moment of limited opportunities, but it’s a time of sifting for the gold that will come to fruition in about 6-8 weeks.

September 13th & 14th: Sun and New Moon in Virgo

What a time of clarity and new beginnings! Mercury will be direct the next day, on the 15th. Sit with yourself and ask what your body needs and write it down. Then, ask yourself what your home needs and write it down. Do this for any areas that have traveled outside of proper alignment. It’s a very fertile time.

September 23rd: Sun Enters Libra

Happy birthday to the balanced, justice-seeking, and harmonious ones. The time of Libra shifts the zodiac wheel from a time of inner work from the first six signs into the outside world and how we relate to it. Libra is the sign of partnership energy and comes to self-actualize itself in human form through all kinds of relationships. The scales, as their symbol, is the only inanimate object of the zodiac — the only thing without a heartbeat. So be patient with Librans as they are often not very adept in the heart-focused themes — but they came to Earth to earn them.

September 29th: Full Moon in Aries

We can look back to what we planted at the New Moon in March and April to see what we planted and how it has come to fruition. The Aries energy will motivate the people-pleasing sign of Libra to act on emotion. Libra can have trouble with decision-making, and Aries is just the sign to flip that with its impulsivity. Be cautious with your temper at this time, as we have Mars in Libra flying through the zodiac while the rest of the planes are resting. Mars in Libra is not seeking to keep the peace as Libra does naturally.

What does this mean for each sign in September?


Aries: I express my gifts and talents to honor my spirit and attract more blessings. Joy, pleasure, and creative hobbies will be top focus for you, Aries. By the end of the month, you have much clarity and peace of mind for the life you are meant to have. With the Full Moon in your sign, the concept of “I am” is strong.

Leo: Does my appearance, community, and career match who I will myself to be? Self-image and how you want to be recognized in this world is a top focus for Leo this month. With the steady earth energy of Virgo, it is a beautiful time to review your beliefs and what you want to share with the world.

Sagittarius: What habits and rituals need revising in my life? Your current mindset and philosophies have likely changed with the fast and dynamic changeover the world is experiencing. Sagittarius, this is a wonderful time for you to just play and give attention to the child inside you that needs creative independence. When you’re ready to share your new perspectives, the timing will be just right.


Taurus: My family is not just my blood relatives. I choose my soul family, and they choose me. You have been reconciling home and family issues. It may have been a very heavy and emotional time for this steady and routine-oriented sign. With Jupiter retrograding in your sign, it may be slower than desired but try to be flexible. Taurus are particular about how they prioritize pleasure. Be gentle with yourself.

Virgo: I am whole and perfect, exactly as I am at this moment. The perfectionist will have its time in the sun this month — cleaning up and tying up loose ends with Mercury, Sun, and Moon traversing your sign. You will be re-working your boundaries of all kinds and prioritizing self-autonomy. The inner work Virgo does in shadow is essential to voice your needs and allow others to help you.

Capricorn: What do I want from this life? Is my home and career life fulfilling? Leisure activities and shared resources will be top of mind for Capricorns this month. Revisioning and defying the odds is nothing new for Capricorn. They seek all the earthly pleasures of this human life, yes, but are now unlocking deeper heart-centered themes that may be outside of what they been used to. Open your heart and take the leap of faith.


Gemini: My connections are aligned, high vibrational, and reciprocal. The twins, who love to acquire all the information available to them, can find themselves focusing on implementing the plans they have had swirling in the back of their minds. However, with so much floating around during heavy retrograde cycles, it was not the time to push. You are making the social connections and friendships you have been dreaming of, and the real magic is about to unfold. Trust that the intentions you have set thus far are guiding your path. You are safe to be your highest self.

Libra: My mental health is upgraded, and I release past worries. Libras have been consumed with relational matters as Venus (your ruler), retrograding through Leo the past 40 days. A time of deep love and intimacy for the relational ones, it’s now time to assess boundaries. The focus will be on work partnerships and romantic partnerships. Are the shared resources and investments balanced? Are your needs being met and efforts reciprocal with your lover? Proceed with a cautious tone as Mercury is retrograding as well as reactive Mars in your sign.

Aquarius: What am I projecting out into my world? Aquarius will focus on matters of home and comfort as Jupiter retrogrades in Taurus. Our home is a reflection of our inner mind. What needs to be cleaned out and thrown away? With the full Moon at the end of the month, you may find yourself needing to speak up and advocate for yourself — a cleaning house of your thoughts and feelings as well. Use caution as the fiery energy of Aries may have a non-beneficial aggression to it, and you can attract more bees with honey.


Cancer: All of my energy bodies are aligned for my highest potential. Values, money, and fruits of your labors will be in heavy focus for Cancerians this month. Jupiter Rx will have you evaluating your friendships, alliances, and independent pursuits in career and success. Cancers are all about the persona they show outside the home. It must be true in order for you to thrive outside your shell. Integrity is nothing foreign to these intuitive ones.

Scorpio: My energies are clear and grounded as I pursue my highest self. Scorpios will assess the romantic relationships they have been working hard on. Reviewing their hopes and dreams about love and expressing them in words, softly for their loved ones will be highly beneficial now. Review your current habits and to-do list this month. Watch how your outside world grows and shifts in direct correlation to your inner world.

Pisces: Where am I over-giving and need to asses my efforts? Pisces will be focusing on their health and routines this month. Its partner sign of Virgo will have you review how you expend your energy and who you share it with. You have acquired much information as the final sign of the zodiac. Knowing what you know now, retract your energy back to you — cleansed and energized, you can apply this to your own bodily health and reinvent your world.

Cosmic Rx:

What better way to treat the Virgo-ruled body (especially the digestive tract) than with a cleansing bath? Exheal® soothing saffron salt bath allows for digestive healing with saffron’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with mineral-rich sea salts to detoxify and exfoliate your skin.

Who may want to soak in it? Individuals seeking:

  • Relief from any discomfort from gas and bloating
  • Overall digestive support
  • Reducing inflammation

Open your heart and wash away all that no longer serves.

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