September queues the changeover to autumn, a season of shifts and transitions. This month’s roundup of our founder’s simple loves honors the true spirit of work-life balance, the womb, and inspirational advocates. Dive in!

Foria Period Relief x Warm Feelings® saffron latte

You all know I’m a huge believer in using natural supplements to aid our body rather than opting for over-the-counter medication (that harms us more than it helps). While I’ve shared about vaginal steaming and our Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle that we’ve created to help women manage their periods and prevent period pain, there will inevitably still be times when you need to take action while actively menstruating. That’s why I am a big fan of FORIA’s Cramps Be Gone Kit. I love using it alongside our Warm Feelings® saffron latte to significantly reduce pain and PMS symptoms while you’re going through the motions.

For 20% off your FORIA order, use code FULLEST at checkout.

Olive Real Estate

My husband, Eric, just started a full-service boutique real estate company that offers sales, leasing, and property management services in Coastal Orange County. If you’re in the market for a dream home, vacation home, or investment property in this area, consider reaching out to him here!


Feed is on a mission to bring the stories of food to life! Their app allows users to connect with like-minded people over food — by shopping together. It’s a fun way to learn about small brands while interacting with your community. They are invested in sharing about sustainable and local businesses, including THE FULLEST.

You can get THE FULLEST delivered to your doorstep anywhere in California! Use code THEFULLEST20 for $20 off your first Feed order.

House in Habit Substack

I love Jessica Reed Kraus’s perspective and am grateful to have access to her independent journalism straight to my inbox. I follow her Instagram, but there’s something about getting good quality information straight to your email that is so refreshing when most of it ends up taking unnecessary brain power. I highly recommend signing up for her Substack if you aren’t already on there!

The Yoga of Parenting by Sarah Ezrin

I admire Sarah Ezrin’s extensive writings on yoga, parenting, and mental health. Her recent book, The Yoga of Parenting: Ten Yoga-Based Practices to Help You Stay Grounded, Connect with Your Kids, and Be Kind to Yourself, is a great resource I use for both myself and my kids to find more presence, patience, and acceptance.


Duckbill is a personal assistant app that utilizes people and AI to help you with monotonous tasks like paying and negotiating bills, creating an itinerary for a trip, or booking your next hair appointment. I’ve been saving a lot of time using this app, finally getting to tasks I’ve been putting off, and staying proactive about things I want to do over the holidays with my family.

Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor in Chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. THE FULLEST is a Certified B Corp offering a holistic wellness platform and saffron based product line. Nikki is passionate about sharing time-tested ancient healing practices and herbs that support root cause healing. Nikki has been in the wellness scene for 10+ years — after receiving a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, she studied plant-based foods at Matthew Kenney Culinary, and is reiki & yoga certified.

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