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Alle Weil is a Women’s Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Holistic Skincare Alchemist, and founder of Flora ex Machina. Her integrated approach to health incorporates traditional healing modalities and culinary practices combined with modern science, flower remedies, and energy work to create a truly holistic and sustainable approach to health and healing from the inside out and outside in.

Read along as Alle shares a glimpse into her well-rounded, holistic self-care routine!

Q: How did you get into the wellness scene?

A: I actually was pursuing visual arts in school and found myself self-studying Eastern modalities, nutrition, and other wellness modalities as a way to address my own debilitating health issues surrounding mood, digestion, and my cycle.

Early in my life, practitioners often told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life and that my painful periods were just part of being a woman. My frustration fueled me to completely shift gears and change my degree to study holistic studies and nutrition.

It wasn’t until my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I moved home to care for her that I began pursuing “wellness” as a career. I think I had the validation I needed after transforming my own life and seeing firsthand the effect that food and nutrition had on my mom’s recovery, but allopathic doctors saw it, too.

I realized that there was so much misinformation and gaping holes in our medical system, and if we were to truly heal on a sustainable level, we needed to address wellness in a much more holistic and integrative way.

I am constantly learning and evolving, and today, I have integrated the many modalities I’ve studied to provide a multi-dimensional, integrating reiki, holistic nutrition, the seasons and elements, Eastern studies, flower essences, and holistic skincare into my practice. I believe that the more we integrate a whole-life approach to wellness, the healthier we can become and sustain.

I am committed to guiding women to restore their health naturally. I provide drugless and holistic therapies to balance the mind and emotions and find personalized dietary solutions to unresolved chronic symptoms.

Q: Do you have a consistent daily AM and/or PM routine? Or do you mix it up?

A: I have certain non-negotiables woven into my daily practice (and others I am securing or revisiting after a major transition). During the pandemic, my partner and I relocated to Maine, and that shift has made us both reevaluate life in the best possible way.

Moving from Los Angeles to rural Maine certainly aligns you more with the seasons. As someone who has always valued Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda teachings, it feels so fulfilling to witness the full expression of Nature’s seasonal shifts mirrored back in my own body.

I’m a Manifesting Generator in Human Design, a Leo Sun and Aries rising, so I guess I tend to dive head first into a practice. These practices can be short-lived or necessary for a season and then taper off or evolve over time. Ultimately, I will make them my own and trust them when they return to my life when they are beneficial.

Q: How does the natural world support your modern life?

A: It’s an integral part of my life and being. I live in connection with Nature and the seasons. They dictate my daily practices, diet, pace, and flow. We can learn so much from simply being in and witnessing Nature. Just being in it is a medicine without comparison.

The house we moved into is situated on about two acres of a young food forest and has an extensive flower and medicinal plant garden, along with a fruit, vegetable, and herb garden we grow. Being able to grow our food is a privilege and luxury; it has allowed me to not only access Nature daily but also nurture my body on a deeper level by being involved in the process.

The cycles and phases of the moon are also a big part of my practice; they set a tone for the month ahead. I have been facilitating a monthly ceremony with my friend and practitioner on the new moon, incorporating reiki, a heart-opening cacao ceremony, and manifestation practices. It’s become one of my biggest monthly joys to gather with the community, share, and pause to honor ourselves and the cosmos.

Q: Do you have any rituals that you practice daily, weekly, or monthly?

A: Most days…

I awake around 6:30 with a morning coffee (I know, the only nutritionist in the world that takes coffee first thing!) and do some form of kundalini yoga and meditation, followed by journaling/ setting intentions for the day. If the weather is nice, I take breakfast outside to enjoy nature.

If I am working with clients that day, I usually won’t go on a walk and instead take time to have a slow morning and ground, especially if I’m doing energy work.

I’m usually very adherent to whatever protocol I’m following, which ebbs and flows with the seasons and my personal needs. It is important to note that we are not meant to be on the same protocol all the time. I’m always taking some custom flower remedies — I make them myself or use Alexis Smart’s formulas.

I love herbal teas and matcha and will typically sip herbal tea throughout the day, alternating between teas that are more beneficial for the season or current symptoms/needs.


Rituals around self-care and grounding are so important to me. On a weekly basis, I’m grounding on my Biomat or in the Earth, taking herbal salt baths, going to yoga classes, hiking, and practicing facial massage.

Monthly | Seasonally…

One of the challenges of entrepreneurship (especially within wellness and healing) is carving out time for doing nothing, allowing for the ebb and flow of creativity, which certainly cannot be anticipated or follow a 9-5.

As I continue to root here in Maine, I am attempting to buffer the structure of my work by allowing times for more spontaneity, travel, and unscheduled events and rest.

I tend to shift my diet and protocol with the seasons, and have been getting back into doing some version of a cleanse around the seasons, akin to living with the seasons, my course and cleanse offering.

Q: Are there any particular foods or botanicals that align with your beauty routine or self-care practice?

A: I typically follow a gluten-free, unrefined diet. I find that even if we don’t test positive for antibodies or have celiac, most of the gluten-containing products in our country are laden with preservatives and glyphosate as well as produced with instant yeast (instead of sourdough process). These ultimately are why most people are reactive to gluten, not an allergy to gluten alone. This is a good place to start if anyone is struggling with inflammation or hormonal imbalances!

I am, of course, a huge advocate for the medicinal properties of ghee and use it in its Royal Ghee form as well as alone to cook with.

I also have a line of holistic skincare. I’ve always had such sensitive skin and thought if I could create a line of products that worked for me, they would work for anyone.

Our Sacred Eclipse Facial Oil is a blend of organic argan oil we source directly from a women’s cooperative in Morocco. It’s quite special. I infuse it for two months in rose and saffron following the lunar cycles and then additionally enrich it with flower essences and essential oils of geranium, basil, and carrot seed oil.

Our Immortelle Mist is also something I use daily as a toner and all-around refresher made with blue tansy, aloe vera, immortelle, and colloidal silver. This really helps to calm and soothe reactive skin without stripping it of moisture.

I’m very excited to launch a new product soon that I really can’t live without. It will be an all-in-one formula to simplify one’s routine while wholly nourishing, cleansing, and supporting the skin.

Q: How does THE FULLEST align with you and fit into your life?

A: I’m a huge fan of saffron and its healing benefits (ranging from emotional health to skin texture and tone). I’m always creating tonics and elixirs, so Warm Feelings® saffron latte is something that I can easily incorporate into my daily practice and wellness routine. I love the combination of coconut powder and the delicate saffron flavor. It’s potent, nourishing, and delicious. I’m currently loving it combined with our Royal Ghee Gold; I find a touch of ghee, honey, and turmeric pairs really well.

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Alle Weil works one-on-one to create personalized systems and solutions to unresolved chronic symptoms, helping guide women to restore their hormones and cycles naturally — providing drugless and holistic therapies to bring emotional balance. She offers online programs, workshops, and communities to guide women further to be their most empowered selves. 

She has a line of Holistic Skincare Products developed with flower essences and decadent ghee and honey-based superfood spreads, Royal Ghee — blended with adaptogenic and superfood herbs.

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