This Season of Life with Janny Organically

08.29.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Today’s conversation on THE FULLEST Podcast is thought-provoking and emotional. We sit down with medical freedom advocator and wellness pioneer, Janny Organically, who revisits the seasons of her life that shaped her into who she is today. In this episode, Janny touches on her journey with balancing hormones, motherhood, therapy, and emotional trauma.

Topics we chat about:

  • The progression of Janny’s blog, becoming an influencer, and working with like-minded brands
  • Balancing hormones, immune flare-ups, & medical freedom
  • Creating a non-toxic home
  • Letting go of micro-managing
  • Storywork & therapy
  • Advocating for yourself & others
  • Emotions & trauma stored in the body
  • Janny’s reconstructive surgery story

Remember that your body is resilient.

Give yourself permission to listen to your intuition.

Ask yourself: “What is your yes? What moves you forward? What are your desires?”

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