As we leave the regenerative womb waters of emotion-driven Cancer, we enter August 2023 into the fiery, attention-seeking, and creative sign of Leo. Happy Birthday to the brave, bold, courageous, and regal ones!

To prepare ourselves for what is to come in August, we must take a moment to reflect on the dynamic last two weeks of July. The Cancer new moon was a highly fertile initiation into the new cycles of our lives.

We have been steadily shedding and purging old energies for the last two years, thus allowing space for the new to come in.

Half of the planets in our solar system are retrograding, appearing to move backward in their orbit, prompting the internal review of all systems that we operate within.

Venus Stationed Retrograde in Leo on July 22nd

This will remain in this energy of retreat until September 3rd, having us turn inward and look at our relationships with love, finances, and aesthetics. We are being asked to pay attention to what our past and current relationships reflect back to us.

What patterns are re-surfacing? Do they feel like they are caused by something or someone outside of us? Could it be a pattern we carry subconsciously deep within us? What has been the story for the last eight years?

It is a beautiful time of upgrades for our karmic connections — call them soulmates, twin flames, “the one that got away,” the “emotionally unavailable.”

Whatever the label, the message is clear that the Leo energies are here as a deep heart-opener for all. This can be a time of sudden break-ups, leaving a career that no longer serves, or recommitment to a current relationship. Value is the question at hand.

Mercury Goes Retrograde in the Sign of Virgo on August 23rd-September 15th

This can induce extra stress in this efficient and critical sign. This is a time to review your to-do lists and not take on too much or unrealistic ideals of perfection. Most know by now that initiating new contracts or big purchases is frowned upon, but if you must, consider using the “re” words: review, reassess, revisit, and relax.

Retrogrades are actually one of the most beautiful energies to work with — it removes that which is not sustainable and does this for our highest good (although we may not see the blessing at the time). This could also mean the return of old friends, relatives, and lovers.

Back to August…

The desires you cast out into the primordial void of opportunity at last month’s new moon will grow steadily with the watering of the “Sturgeon/ Corn” Full Super-moon in Aquarius on August 1st. It is called by a few different names, but the theme is harvest.

Aquarius, the water-bearer, carefully chooses what he wants to pour his jug of water onto or his energy into. This sign seeks emotional freedom, uniqueness, and the connection of humanity. This is the energy needed during this fiery month to get us where we are meant to align.

On August 16th there will be a New Moon in Leo

This New Moon will ask us: “What do we want to create?” Have you ever watched a Leo child play? There is no shortage of imagination! We want to tap into that during this month — lots of play, creation, and imagination. If you don’t imagine how you want your relationships, job, and life to be, you will be living someone else’s dream.

Virgo Season Begins on August 23rd

Happy Birthday to the contemplative, methodical, and efficient ones! Planning, chores, and organization will be easier to complete. This sign is mutable, which means it can acclimate to any environment — which can be a double-sided sword if healthy boundaries are not in place. Over-giving is the most common from the Virgin Goddess archetype of Virgo, who seeks betterment for all and instinctively intuits a “plan” for whatever obstacles are at hand.

Mars will Enter Libra on August 27th

This will bring more consideration and fairness to our relationships. Mars, the planet of war ruled by Aries, will be in a more peaceful energy in Libra.

On August 28th Uranus will Retrograde in Taurus

This will remain backward for the rest of 2023! This can mean significant changes — especially Earth changes and uncomfortable life changes.

Uranus is a disrupter of what is not working. It is an excitable planet that seeks evolution, and while it’s been in the sign of grounded and often stubborn or rigid Taurus since 2018, its actions will be much slower but can still pack a punch. The themes here focus on standing up for your beliefs, connecting with nature, and trusting your intuition and discernment for truth.

Closing out August, we will see a Full Moon in Pisces that symbolizes major endings. There will be more confidence in our abilities, especially our psychic abilities and intuition. We will need more alone time to recharge and witness our feelings.

What Does This Mean for Each Sign in August?


Aries: Focus on family relationships. Family doesn’t have to mean blood-related; this can mean the family you choose. Those who really see you and encourage you to address the parts that Aries often struggles with. The North Node in Aries for the next year will complement attracting your soul tribe. The fire is lit for creativity this season, don’t waste it.

Leo: Shine your joy out into the world! Creation is a natural state for Leos. Often begging “Look at me! Look at what I made!” This beautiful quality of the Lion, who cares for its pride, provides a safe space to be seen. Dress yourself up with romance for the life you are daring to create. Lots of play is necessary to navigate all the major changes underway.

Sagittarius: Freedom to travel. Whether it’s just in your mind or a physical trip, it’s imperative to feel free to be yourself. Exploring your limits of what you believe is nothing new for this sign. What is new are the cycles we have been creating for months, if not years, and Sag is the brave soul climbing one hill after another to understand this Earth realm.


Taurus: Connection and sharing. Taurus has been evaluating their close relationships and the job they hold. This season may call for deep confidence to know that a job or relationship is no longer in alignment, and it’s time to make a shift. Not a comfortable energy for this creature who seeks comfort, but so worth the leap. Go for it!

Virgo: Trust your instincts. Virgos will have to trust their intuition rather than relying on the receipts and facts they hold on specific topics. You deeply understand what exercise, food, and media you should allow into your body. We are all shifting into a strong emotional intelligence; the cleaner the instrument, the clearer the message.

Capricorn: Listen to your inner voice. Capricorn can sometimes get a bad reputation for being money and success driven. Ask the sea goat, and they will show you how listening to their inner voice has led them to success. This is easy for the materialistic side of this sign, but only sometimes the emotional side. This would be a great time for breath-work, known to release stagnation and tap into how you feel.


Gemini: Shower the people you love with love. The twins of Mercury have no trouble thinking about how they feel but often skip the part about feeling how they feel. This season Gemini asks you to express your love to those who support you and want the best for you. They cheer you on as you elevate into the next chapter of your life. Complimenting, cooking a meal, or giving a long hug to the ones you incarnate with will uplift you in countless ways.

Libra: Evaluating the company you keep. Libras can often be restricted by a self-imposed cycle of people-pleasing; they always seek fairness and balance the scales. Relationships are up for evaluation with the South Node governing in your sign for the next year. Is the company you keep encouraging or distracting from who you came to this world to be? Retreating just a bit from it all will show who and what is meant to be in your life and how to elevate it.

Aquarius: Love and Healing. Aquarius are not typically very outwardly emotional beings. They can often be described as detached or even cold. However, this is because some detachment is necessary for the way-finder of humanity. What is best for the collective is the underlying mission statement of the water bearer — but it is time to turn that scope inward and apply deep love and healing to yourself. Silent retreats, yoga workshops, or safely working with different plant medicines can inspire you to step into your potential and encourage others to do the same.


Cancer: Nourishing your emotional health. Last month was profoundly transformative for Cancer placements. We may have experienced unexpected tears and resurfacing of childhood wounds that need to be healed. Now is the time to reflect on what you envision for your future, identify parts that feel crunchy, and lean into them. Ask why this is so uncomfortable. What is my inner child trying to show me it needs to feel safe? Journal and meditate.

Scorpio:Believe in your magic. Scorpios can be very black-and-white in their perspectives. This sign can feel bogged down by their responsibility to others — their energy isn’t to be wasted, and efficiency is ideal. This can come off as harsh or cut and dry, missing the wonderment of the creative world we came to thrive in. Take time to daydream and visualize yourself with the home, profession, or notoriety you seek for your talents. It is safe and essential to believe that something greater than yourself is guiding you.

Pisces: Loose lips sink ships. Pisces often lack boundaries. This water sign seeks to connect with all who cross their path, unknowingly taking on energies that are not theirs to carry. This is a time to keep your aspirations and intentions to yourself and reinforce your boundaries with others. The saying “loose lips sink ships” means unguarded talk can share useful information with enemies. Not to say that enemies surround you, but when we start to heal or elevate our emotional and physical bodies, others can be triggered by their lack of doing so. Keep your head down and complete your to-do lists. You will be in a completely new vista soon.

Cosmic Rx:

Hone in on your psychic abilities and intuition by adding some Strands of Sunshine® saffron threads to your teas, infusions, and home-cooked meals. Saffron boosts mood, increases immunity, clears skin, and decreases inflammation. Users equate saffron’s taste to a warm hug — it’s the perfect ending to a vivacious Leo season (ruled by the sun) with a dreamy Pisces full moon. Sip and sprinkle on all of your favorite drinks and dishes!

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