July 2023 will bring the changing of the Nodes of Fate from sturdy Taurus and transformational Scorpio into trail-blazing Aries and balance-seeking Libra.

The Nodes represent karmic person imbalances; what we want to develop and grow (North) and what qualities we tend to fall back on and oftentimes must release (South).

As we move into summer — that of the fire element — we will be shown what is in our sphere that needs to be further transformed in the fire.

The month begins with a Full Moon on July 3rd in the sign of Capricorn, activating our ambitions. Known as the “Buck Moon” when antlers begin to appear on male deer called bucks. The Nodes of Fate will shift into Aries North Node, symbolizing the divine masculine energies. At this time, the masculine will now lead the feminine after being in the sensual and divine feminine of Taurus.

On July 10th, Mars will enter Virgo, which is not the most harmonious of aspects. Mars, the planet of war, does not like being in the grounded sign of Virgo. The peace we have been seeking can be aggravated by Mars, asking us to assert ourselves and ensure our to-do lists are updated. It’s best to pause, breathe, and resume your personal affairs.

Applying the “let them” approach will be highly beneficial during this month. Keep your head down and let others do as they may.

July 17th sees the New Moon in Cancer. A beautiful and harmonious time for a new moon, representing the divine mother and the womb. This is the time to go inside, like the crab, and nourish your inner parts that may not be receiving the love and tenderness you deserve. With all new moons, writing down what you want to manifest is pivotal — especially during Cancer’s home and family themes.

Does my physical realm represent the life I seek internally?

Venus will Retrograde in Leo on July 22nd after a romantic dance with Mars in Leo in the beginning of the month. We will be feeling the romance, sexuality, and seduction of Leo for both Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine). But once Venus (the planet of love and profound emotion) goes retrograde, misunderstandings can be explosive and dramatic — rather typical of Leo.

So will the return of our past lovers, friends, and flames come back for a new start or a closure of old chapters? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure — it will be nothing short of passionate.

On July 22nd, the Sun will enter Leo, which is all about creative self-expression and what drives us from the heart. It’s time to shine light on the parts of us that we have been tending to and curating for the new and next chapter of our lives.

See me for who I really am and what I believe. If I am living the full expression of myself, I will feel safe to pour into your cup as well.

This is the aligned essence of the Leo — the royal who knows how to move intuition for the greater good.

Lastly, Mercury will enter Virgo on July 28th. We can expect precision in speech, thought, and process — all wonderful qualities of this highly efficient sign. Mercury loves to be in Virgo but beware of coming off as too critical, dry, and unadventurous.

So What Does This Mean for Each Sign in July?


Aries: Inner strength and confidence will be highlighted. Focus on the beneficial relationships in your personal and work life to stay grounded. These are topics that are most familiar to the ram. However, Cancer season will ask you to apply gentleness and empathy outside of yourself to maintain balance in these relationships, which in turn will provide stamina in your career and achievements.

Leo: Calm and compassion are the themes of this month for you. The energies of Venus, Mars, and the Sun in your sign will have you feeling all kinds of romantic and longing to explore the depths of your love. Romanticize your life this month — dress up, confidently compliment others, and watch the magic unfold.

Sagittarius: New ideas and perspectives will be most prevalent this month for you. Nothing new for the philosopher of the zodiac. However, this month’s influence from Saturn can leave you feeling arrogant and stubborn when challenged by others’ ideas, so remember to remain open!


Taurus: Empathy and harmony are your keywords this month. It is very easy for this reliable sign to worry, especially about others. With Jupiter in Pisces, it will be almost seductive to give into the worry. By nourishing your spiritual side and trusting that the fates are working for your highest good, one can find the calming waters of Cancer to be most healing.

Virgo: Self-confidence and sexuality are top of mind for this Mercurial sign. When in alignment and feeling safe, Virgo (aka the Virgin) can be the most sensual and seductive of the zodiac. She represents the human body entirely. With the confidence and passion of Leo this month, Virgos can expect a month of exploring their sexuality both singularly and with a partner. A remarkable reprieve for this often too-grounded sign.

Capricorn: Family and relationships can be highlighted this month for you. Past troubles may resurface, asking to be put to rest for good. This is Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn one last time before it makes its new home in Aquarius next year. Common themes with Capricorn are money, success, and the determination to live well. These can have you reaching to buy your way into feeling good or filling a void. Be mindful of what and who you invest your precious energy, time, and money into.


Gemini: Personal life and boundaries will be critical themes this month for the twins. Always up for an adventure, Geminis may often lack boundaries of when and who to say no to. However, this month the healing waters of Cancer will ask you to rest and not over-think the way these Mercurial minds do. Feel your way through the emotions that arise and ask what is being shown in your personal life that needs attention and/or what no longer serves. This is a very expansive time for the mutable signs.

Libra: Rest and leisure will be highlighted for the scales to balance this month. You may feel extra emotional this month with the positioning of the Moon and Venus retrograding in your sign. Moving your body with stretching, swimming, running, and dancing are all great ways to move emotions through the body. The scales are the only inanimate object of the zodiac (the one without a heartbeat), so it can take Libra a minute to connect on a soul level. Have patience with yourself and ask others to do the same if necessary.

Aquarius: Restlessness and physical movement are themes the water-bearer can experience this month. The often detached sign can feel out of their element in the emotional waters of Cancer, but the positioning of Mars will bring forth the need for physical movement of the body. This will help you feel more balanced. Long walks, stretching, and meditation are great channels for Aquarius to contemplate who they are and how they want to live fully.


Cancer: Receptivity and open-heartedness are front and center for Cancer this month. Cancers often pour so much into others that they are uncomfortable receiving the same energy back. This is your birthday month and the perfect time to allow others to shower you! Cancers can often care so deeply for their tribe that they don’t want to let anyone new into their sphere. This is the time to trust that the relationships of our lives are being reworked for our highest good, including friends, lovers, and other partnerships — so be open to the magic and trust!

Scorpio: Exercise and nutrition will be a highlight for the Scorpios this month. Black-and-white perspectives and approaches are being reworked regarding health. A happy mind and body allow for blessings to come in more easily. This will give Scorpio time to enjoy the fruits of their labors and creations (instead of filling the mind with worry).

Pisces: Impulsivity and grounding are being checked this month for the Neptune-ruled dreamer. Often noted for having rose-colored glasses, life can feel too harsh, making the fish want to swim away and escape reality. This can be extra this month with all the love and sensuality we will be floating in with Venus. Be careful who you share all your energy bodies with and stay focused on the projects in your life. Be mindful of vices and over-indulging this month. Hiking and sitting outside can be very beneficial during this time.

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