We are delighted to sit down with Sarah Britton, the creator of My New Roots and My New Roots Grow. This holistic nutritionist, whole-food chef, retreat leader, and certified breathwork facilitator aligns with every aspect of THE FULLEST’s mission. Dive into this Q+A to learn about her blossoming business, grounding rituals, and ways you can grow with her online community.

Q: Tell us about yourself & My New Roots. How did you get into this business?

A: My background in fine arts led me to an intentional community in Arizona called Arcosanti. I fell in love with food while working in their organic garden, and my eyes were opened to the power and importance of what we feed our bodies.

Before that time, I was raised on a standard American diet. When I began eating organic fruits and veggies that I grew with my own hands (with the addition of grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds), I felt amazing. Food and its healing powers had a profound effect on me for the first time in my life.

When I returned to Canada after a year at Arcosanti, I pursued my Holistic Nutritionist certificate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. My education was interdisciplinary, incorporating different modalities of health and healing, how to use food to support your body, and how to prevent disease and heal. I firmly believed that we should all have access to this critical information, so I started my blog, My New Roots, in October 2007.

I thought it was crazy that we aren’t taught about our bodies, how they work, and what we can do to support them. I set off on a mission to share the information I had learned with others. I was interested in all aspects of holistic health but felt a constant pull toward food from my time spent on the organic farm.

Seeing how things grow, feeling the vibration of the food, and having a hand in supporting the earth to provide for my body.

During this time, I moved to Denmark and began working in restaurants. As my cooking skills developed, my blog flourished and attracted more readership. I was eventually approached to teach cooking classes throughout Europe! Shortly after, cookbook deals came, and my business rolled from there! I never intended for My New Roots to become my full-time job, but I couldn’t be happier that it has! I am so grateful for the people who have supported my vision for so many years! Without an audience, there wouldn’t be a My New Roots, and I feel so blessed. My daily routine now primarily focuses on recipe development and education, study and research, content creation, writing, and breathwork facilitation. I truly love what I do!

Q: Do you have a consistent daily AM and/or PM routine? Or do you mix it up?

A: There are some non-negotiables for sure. Firstly, I always scrape my tongue with the Copper Tongue Scraper from Living Libations. I can’t believe I didn’t start my day this way earlier! Then it’s all about hydration. I drink water with trace minerals, salt, and lemon.

Shortly after, I have something to eat, even if it’s something small. I practiced intermittent fasting for eight years, which really affected my appetite. I have decided after much research that for a woman my age, it’s not the most appropriate way to live — so I’m trying to restructure that routine.

Then I walk my son to school and cycle (or walk) to my beloved water. I live near a gorgeous lake, and I really enjoy swimming. The lake stays cold most of the year, so there’s a lot of cold plunging! We’re just at the summer solstice, so I’m beginning to be able to stay in for longer, but for most of the year, it’s very challenging to get in. I do some Wim Hof-style breathing prior and try to stay in for 3-4 minutes (even if it’s just above freezing). This practice manages my nervous system and mind, and I love how it makes me feel. I’m quite addicted to the challenge, feeling of gratification, and pride! I can’t believe what I’m capable of doing, and starting my day in this mindset is wonderful for my psychology and physiology!

Doing something I am resistant to, pushing through, and feeling amazing afterward, truly sets my day up with an “I can do anything!” mindset. Then, of course, I get serious about breakfast and get into the rest of my day!

Though my work is pretty solitary, I need a lot of alone time at night. After I put my son to bed and hang out with my partner, I read, do breathwork, catch up with friends on the phone, and then lay on my HigherDOSE PEMF Mat — it’s honestly my favorite thing! I have been recovering from a major back injury, and it’s an amazing healing tool. I always make sure to complete my oral and skin care routines before getting on the mat so I can slip into bed immediately. When this practice is incorporated into my nightly routine, I fall asleep instantly.

Throughout my day, I incorporate rituals that bring me into my body, ground me, and connect me to my physical self.

I am attempting to navigate life from a place of feeling more than thinking, and having somatic embodied practices to do during the day brings me back to myself.

I like to bookend my day with practices like walking, cycling, swimming, and breathing.

Q: How does the natural world support your modern life?

A: Where would I be without the natural world? I am in constant connection with her. Through physical practices, working in my garden where I grow beautiful food and flowers, small animals and insects, and lots of sunshine — I feel so nourished by this planet and endlessly grateful.

I am in constant wonder and awe! Beauty plays such an important role in life. Accessing natural beauty is so important to me, my work, and my inspiration. When I’m feeling less inspired, I can easily step outside to remember the glory of the place we call home and the actual magic that exists. It truly takes my breath away!

There’s so much blooming and unfurling, and I can feel the life force teeming from every cell — it’s palpable, wild, and emotional.

I hardly have words for the gratitude I feel to be alive in this time with the sweetness that surrounds me! I could go on forever…

Q: Are there any particular foods or botanicals that align with your beauty routine or self-care practice?

A: I live outside the city, so I have lots of material to work with! I love making simple herbal preparations or munching on the weeds around. I especially love the things that are overlooked; these days, I love rose, dandelion, calendula, seabuckthorn, vanilla, lemon balm, hibiscus, cacao, oregano, bee balm, nasturtium, lavender, elderflower, strawberry, garlic, onion, dianthus, and the list goes on.

I have been a rose fanatic since I can remember; I love this sacred plant for my skin and insides.

Needless to say, I’m in constant communion with the plants, and I’m very blessed by our relationship.

Q: Tell us more about the membership program that My New Roots Grow offers.

A: My New Roots Grow was born from the idea that we wanted to provide more than written content from a recipe or blog post. Initially, we thought it would only be a video tutorial platform — I lead worldwide retreats, and not everyone can attend. I wanted to bring the retreat experience into the comfort of people’s homes by teaching without physically being together.

My team and I have built a platform with so much more than tutorials, and I’m so proud! I can support and nourish people globally with weekly exclusive recipes, transformational breathwork experiences, movement classes, meditations, self-guided mini-retreats, interviews, and podcasts with some of the wellness world’s most influential and unique people. I’m growing through all these practices alongside the Grow community — we’re all growing together!

We join together once a month for our Grow Hangs, and it’s a beautiful place to connect and reflect. We thrive away from the noise of social media and the fast-paced dopamine-heavy lives we lead.

I recently heard the term “cozy internet,” where we focus on just one thing. We’re bombarded by messages and constantly changing algorithms; it’s all very exhausting. Having a cozy place to go online, choose what you like, and explore at your own pace (without ads and popups) is a novelty these days.

As My New Roots Grow continues to expand, we all do. I plan to continue offering this resource as long as people enjoy it. It can be a tool for a deep and lasting life transformation. My New Roots Grow directly reflects how I live my life and the people I want to surround myself with, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

Q: You recently started a pelvic steaming practice with THE FULLEST’s Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle. How has this supported your cycle? And how have you implemented this practice into your monthly routine?

A: I love pelvic steaming as it has helped regulate my cycle — my period has decreased from 12 days to 6. It’s a beautiful practice to connect to the self, the womb, and the creative part of the body that is aligned with pleasure and joy.

I have so much gratitude for being a woman!

Since October 2007, Sarah Britton’s successful blog, My New Roots, has inspired eaters from around the world alongside her two cookbooks and mini-series on Food Network Canada’s The Substitute Baker. My New Roots Grow is Sarah’s very own wellness platform, an expansive resource for cooking tutorials, holistic living, exclusive recipes, breathwork and movement classes, and so much more. Sarah’s deep love for nature’s bounty and seasonality shines through in all she creates, and her most recent study and journey into the power of breathwork continues to take Sarah and the My New Roots community to new heights.

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