The Golden Ratio with Robert Grant

06.06.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Take a deep breath as we unpack the wisdom Robert Grant shares with THE FULLEST Podcast on today’s very special (and spiritual) episode. We are joined by entrepreneur, music theorist, artist, host of Code X, and author of numerous research and patent publications, Robert Grant.

Mr. Grant unveils the philosophical realm of patterns, language, mathematics, synchronicities, and more. We learn to zoom out from our current perspective to find the deeper meaning of life. It is a loaded conversation, but one that ultimately speaks about love.

Topics we chat about:

  • Individuality, patterns, & randomness
  • Music, math, language, & time
  • Spirituality, magic, & higher dimensions

Agnostic, religious, or spiritual — tune in for a philosophical episode brimming with knowledge, numerology, and a sprinkle of love!

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