THE FULLEST Scopes: May calls for Processing & Reflection

05.01.2023 Life
Danielle Beinstein
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May continues to unsettle and provoke. Taurus, known for its earthy determination and rooted sensibility, has been shaken by Uranus’s electric charge since 2019. The Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses, which began in November of 2021, have further destabilized this steady sign’s distaste for change. Two weeks after the Aries Solar Eclipse, we have the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse (Scorpio is opposite Taurus) plumbing the depths of our psyche on May 5th. Uranus is involved here as well.

Expect the unexpected.

Eclipses have a habit of simultaneously collapsing and accelerating time, of shaking us awake. Scorpio isn’t interested in the surface. It wants more, needs more.

What’s the a-ha, the energetic nugget? It’s a heightened time, Eclipse Season, the veil is thinned.

Think back 19 years to Spring of 2004. What was happening then? What’s happening now? Similar themes may emerge. Our subtle bodies may reveal sensitivities, our bodies processing the sky, our cells electrified, a map all their own. Some may feel activated and energized, others exhausted, seemingly for no reason, our dreams a kaleidoscope of symbolic knowing. No need for fear. Whatever surfaces, it’s better to know than not. Better to have the awareness, than not. Truth, it sets us free. Intimacy requires the dropped mask.

Isn’t it worth it, to risk being known? Isn’t that what we crave most of all — acknowledgment?! The recognition felt when someone’s heart opens and reflects back to us?!

Two weeks later, on May 19, we have the New Moon in Taurus, late in degree but grounding, landing us in the physical realm, seeding new beginnings. There’s an appreciation for the tried and true after such catharsis, an anchoring in the predictable.

May reminds us that life is a mixed bag. We navigate it the best we can with the tools we have. There’s no panacea, no magic pill. It will surprise and enchant, break our hearts and mend them, often in mesmerizing ways.

There’s choice and consequence. But there’s also beauty that startles and wizens, sensual delights that tip us to the present, which, as any spiritual practice will insist, is all we ever really have.

So take that dip in the river, lay in the grass, kiss your lover, smell the blooming jasmine and rain-scented air, have that chocolate croissant, listen to the morning birdsong.

Remember, it’s temporal, our dance here. Remember to take it all in.

Cosmic Rx:

May calls for processing & reflection. There is a lot going on this month; to cope with the astronomical hecticness, consider sipping on Warm Feelings™ saffron latte. This mood-boosting and adrenal-enhancing beverage is sure to ease anxieties and mental chatter.

Danielle Beinstein is a psychological and intuitive astrologer based in Nashville. She currently offers one-on-one sessions as well as her monthly online membership and courses program, The Cosmic Compass. You can find more on both offerings at and for more regular astrological musings, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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