Welcome to this month’s roundup of our founder’s favorite tools and products that bring her balance and bits of joy. Whether you need a nutrient-dense travel snack or are looking for ways to support your body during stressful situations, this lineup of essentials can surely help you maintain equilibrium!

The Orchyd App

I recently downloaded The Orchyd App, and I’m enjoying tracking my period with peace of mind knowing that they are committed to keeping our information private (they will never sell your data to a third party). This app also offers a marketplace full of alternative options for women’s health, including THE FULLEST’s products. I highly recommend downloading the app to track your period for more awareness about your body and as an effective contraceptive that doesn’t mess with your hormones!

Summer Solace Regenerative Tallow

Although I’m a fan of the Weston A. Price philosophy and incorporating more animal fats into my diet and skincare routine, it’s challenging for me as someone who mainly follows a plant-based lifestyle. I’m generally not fond of consuming or using animal products. The thought and smell of tallow (whether in cooking or applying it to my skin) makes me nauseous. However, I genuinely want to appreciate it without detecting its scent. Finally, I’ve found a company that utilizes the highest quality tallow and combines it with a beautiful blend of essential oils. I’ve become obsessed with it and finished an entire jar within two weeks. Thanks to Tifany from A Slow Market for introducing me to Summer Solace!

Agent Nateur U N I (S E X) Deodorant

I had forgotten how much I love the scent and effectiveness of this deodorant. It’s aluminum-free and works exceptionally well. The fragrance is amazing, featuring a sensuous blend of oils derived from sandalwood, cedarwood, rosa damascena, and vetiver. I also love sharing it with my husband, like we have our own scent as a couple!

LAKA Shroom Drip

My friend’s company produces a delicious adaptogenic macadamia butter. It’s organic, stone-ground, and made in small batches. I love snacking on it, and when I’m short on time, I even replace my lunch with it for a quick pick-me-up. I highly recommend keeping it on hand for yourself and your kids!

Keep Well Kept Razor

I’m really into this safety razor by Keep Well Kept. It’s environmentally friendly, and I don’t feel the need to borrow my husband’s razor for the first time in years! You can find it here.

Womb Protector™

I recently experienced significant stress in my personal life, work, and motherhood. My worries consumed me as I anticipated the necessary changes I needed to make, eventually making me ill. I woke up with the initial signs of a UTI or infection. Immediately, I started steaming, and it took six consecutive days of steaming to restore my system to normal. During those six days, I felt an immense sense of gratitude for the knowledge I possess about alternative methods to support myself instead of resorting to antibiotics, which would have further weakened my system and increased the likelihood of falling sick again. The herbs in our Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend nourish you from the inside-out and help you regain your normal self. Being prepared for situations like mine is crucial. When we neglect our health, we tend to rely more on Western pharmaceutical medicine. I recommend maintaining a regular steaming practice to prevent infections and keeping herbs on hand so that you can quickly address the situation when you feel unwell.

Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor in Chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. THE FULLEST is a Certified B Corp offering a holistic wellness platform and saffron based product line. Nikki is passionate about sharing time-tested ancient healing practices and herbs that support root cause healing. Nikki has been in the wellness scene for 10+ years — after receiving a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, she studied plant-based foods at Matthew Kenney Culinary, and is reiki & yoga certified.

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