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05.04.2023 Home & Motherhood
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Carson Meyer is a living testimony to the interconnection of birth, motherhood, community, and beauty. She welcomed her beautiful baby daughter, Lou, earthside this past winter. This multifaceted mother, doula, nutrition consultant, and founder of C & The Moon Skincare sits down with THE FULLEST to share about her motherhood journey, daily rituals, and doula-approved resources (with, of course, some saffron sprinkled in)!

Q: Did you know you always wanted to be a mother?

A: Yes and no. As a very young girl, I had strong maternal instincts. My mom says I raised my little brother because I saw him as my baby and always looked after him. I loved playing house and with dolls. I can remember longing to be a mother as a little girl.

As I got older, I feared motherhood, the responsibility, gravity, selflessness, and the process of birthing itself. As an angsty teenage feminist, I thought maybe motherhood wasn’t for me.

As I matured and met the man I love, that strong maternal desire returned. Around that time, I started working as a birth doula. The fear went away, and my whole world became about motherhood.

Over the past decade, between working as a doula and being madly in love with someone (who I knew would make a great father), there was no doubt in my mind. I couldn’t wait to be a mama.

Q: Did you consciously conceive or was it an unexpected blessing?

A: We consciously conceived. I spent a lot of time writing to her and meditating. By the time we were ready to try, we got pregnant immediately. She was ready to join us!

Q: We’d love to learn about your pregnancy. How was your experience carrying? What were some of the exciting moments and some of the challenges?

A: I loved being pregnant. I felt instantly connected to her, and although we waited to be surprised, I knew in my heart the entire time that she was a girl. I loved listening to her heartbeat and feeling her little kicks with my fetal stethoscope. We played music for her every night. I loved knowing she could hear us before she could see us.

Regarding challenges, I feel fortunate we didn’t have any that couldn’t be addressed with bodywork, good nutrition, and saffron.

Q: Did you feel any major shifts during this period of your life — whether they were physical, social or spiritual?

A: Absolutely! I moved across the country right before getting pregnant, so that was a significant life shift. I felt more at peace during pregnancy and now since becoming a mother than I ever had before.

Many of my friendships have shifted. Some friends I’ve gotten even closer with, and they’ve been my rocks. Connecting with other new moms is such a gift. Other friends, who were once like sisters, have drifted away. That’s been challenging and is something people don’t prepare you for.

Q: What supportive practices and tools did you use to nourish yourself and your growing baby during pregnancy?

A: Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Vedic chanting and meditation, salt baths, dancing, walking, and gardening.

Q: Birth is incredibly individual. Each mother’s journey will be unique. However, sharing our stories can provide universal insights for other mothers to be. What is one thing you loved about your experience and one thing you’d do differently?

A: I gave birth at home, and although it was the most intense experience of my life, there’s not a single thing I’d change about it. It was a dream. I was able to birth freely with no one telling me what I could or couldn’t do. We were undisturbed, and I was able to labor and birth just as I needed to with loving support and patience. Lou was welcomed into her father’s hands, and we snuggled up in bed together. I delivered my placenta on its own time by guiding it out in a squatting position. My one regret is not filming it or getting more photos to revisit the experience.

Q: Over the first 40 days of your little one being earthside, how did you feel? Did you have a supportive network around you or did you remain fairly private?

A: We kept it just the three of us for the first three weeks. There were no visitors — with the exception of our postpartum doula, who did bodywork three days a week and cooked nourishing meals. I took it very easy and stayed in bed for weeks, allowing my body to recover and rest. I drank a lot of saffron lattes!

Q: Since becoming a mother how has your self-care changed?

A: I was really good about self-care in those first 40 days postpartum. Now that I’m back to feeling myself, working, and busy with a very active little one, my self-care has been on the back burner.

I can always find comfort in nature walks, workouts, saffron salt baths, and C & The Moon.

Q: What are some of the resources — be they books, nutrition, practitioners or rituals that you’d recommend to other expecting moms or mothers in the parenting years.

A: All of my practitioner recommendations can be found here. I also recommend my Growing Together Circle in preparing for birth, postpartum, and community.

Q: What rituals or routines do you implement to foster a deeper connection with your little ones? If you are a mom of multiples, do you set time aside to be with each of them individually

A: I would frequently talk to Lou during pregnancy and write her letters. In fact, I still do. For me, exclusively breastfeeding and bedsharing are part of our everyday routine that I feel fosters a deeper connection between us. I love to wear her as much as possible throughout the day so she knows I’m near.

We both share a love for bathtime, so that’s a ritual we always do together!

Q: Motherhood often means finding peace within the chaos. We are big believers in managing our mood in order to show up consistently as the mother we know we are and want to be. What are your favorite products from THE FULLEST Shop that support your mood and help you stay centered?

A: Warm Feelings™ saffron latte hands down. It’s my saving grace. It is my remedy that cures me whenever I’m having a tough day.

For 20% off your C & The Moon order, use code FULLEST20.

Carson Meyer is a Malibu native, NYU graduate, birth doula, nutrition consultant, and founder of C & The Moon Skincare. Over the past seven years she’s had the privilege of supporting hundreds of parents through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Tune into her episode on THE FULLEST Podcast to learn about her journey.

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