Enhance Your Lifestyle with Bluejay Bikes

05.30.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Today we welcome Jen Bogan, founder of Bluejay Electric Bicycles, to THE FULLEST Podcast. This entrepreneur and mom of two is the brains behind the chicest e-bikes on the market. Following the births of her two children, Jen completely shifted the direction of her career and now creates sustainable E-Bikes with a goal of making bike riding more accessible, enjoyable, safe, and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

Nikki and Jen bond over their love for E-bikes and how riding one has wholly transformed their lifestyle — highlighting how Bluejay has since enhanced daily routines, provides a sense of freedom, improves their well-being, and reduces reliance on cars while promoting sustainable transportation.

Other topics we discuss:

  • Transitioning jobs and starting a business
  • The meticulous process of developing and testing prototypes
  • The significance of using quality components
  • Pedal assist vs. throttle
  • E-bikes in the American market
  • Challenges of being a female founder in the bike industry
  • Commitment to making a successful and inclusive brand

If you are looking for a sustainable mode of transportation, interested in entrepreneurship, or curious to learn more about a female-founded brand, tune in for an insightful convo!

This episode is sponsored by Bluejay Electric Bikes. Bluejay Bikes are good for you and the planet. Elevate your everyday life with their stylish E-bikes and create routines you look forward to. Bluejay is offering 10% off, free shipping, and bike assembly! Use code NIKKI10 at checkout. (This is a combined savings of $600!)

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