Music with benefits! We sat down with Grammy award-winning band, White Sun, to chat about their beautiful musical mantras. Rooted in new-age, White Sun’s music is sure to evoke a sense of spiritual connection — their songs are embedded with mindfully crafted instrumentals, various languages, and a trailblazing use of the Gong. Read on for a revolutionary take on music!

Q: Firstly, can you share a bit about White Sun?

A: White Sun was formed in Los Angeles, California. We released our first album in 2015, and since then have amassed a catalog of about 200 songs.

Q: What is the yogic science behind mantras?

A: First and foremost, we began making music because we wanted to create beautiful songs. However, we also wanted those songs to have more than just musical and emotional components. Our goal was to move the energy of consciousness and the power of emotions.

Since our first album (released in 2015), we have worked with two universities to demonstrate that our music has biologically-measurable healing effects and can even help slow cellular aging.

Q: Are they in a particular language? How far back do mantras date?

A: We love creating music in a variety of languages. We are currently busy recording a full-length album in Spanish to be released later this year. In our catalog, some songs are in ancient dialects, while others are in commonly-spoken languages. In part, this is a way we can honor the one humanity on the planet earth — in all its varied forms of expression and beauty.

Q: Do different mantras address different aspects of life?

A: I think of songs the same way I think of people. Certain people you meet and feel an immediate connection with. Other people you meet, you may not feel a connection right away, but it forms and grows over time. Then, of course, the most significant relationships are the long-term bonds, where you stay together through thick and thin.

I like to think of our songs the same way. If you can find one you like and form a relationship with, it will help you.

A mom recently told me that one of our songs helped heal her toddler’s psoriasis. She had tried every treatment possible, and just when she was about to give up, she realized that his disease improved when he listened to his favorite White Sun song.

Now she plays the song at a low volume 24/7, and his psoriasis is 100% better.

Q: Congratulations on your GRAMMY win! What number does this make it?

A: White Sun won our second GRAMMY award for our album Mystic Mirror, which also went to #1 in 10 countries. There is no award in music more prestigious than a GRAMMY, so to be honored in this way is something momentous and humbling for us.

Q: You’ve obviously done an excellent job of recording these mantras in a way that resonates with the mainstream. What is it about White Sun’s take that you feel more people are connecting with?

A: A prominent academic recently said to me, “White Sun is creating a new genre.” While I am no expert, I wonder if people may hear something in our songs that they haven’t quite heard before.

Q: Instrumentally and spiritually, what is the role of the gong?

A: The Gong is an amplification device. When played properly, it rearranges cellular patterns in the body to hold a higher frequency. One fun experiment is to play NASA’s recordings of deep space and compare them to the sound of White Sun’s Gong recordings. The two have a similar feel because the Gong is cosmic yet primal in nature.

Q: Finally, where can people find your music?

A: White Sun’s music is available on all online stores and streaming services.

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