Staying Centered with Jessica Diggs

04.18.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Today we are honored to host Jessica Diggs on THE FULLEST Podcast. Jessica is a Los Angeles-based licensed midwife, educator, and co-founder of Centered. She’s been a birth worker and reproductive health educator since 2012 — training, mentorship, and her first birth as a doula honed her interest in reproductive justice and empowering education. Jessica supports people and families through well-person care, home birth services, and conception support.

No matter what stage of womanhood you are in, today’s episode is a conversation worth tuning into. We discuss midwifery and its role in different cultures, reproductive health, and labor support. Jessica firmly believes that “you birth how you live.” She discloses her favorite rituals that should be implemented into every woman’s life, including pelvic steaming, acupuncture, cupping, daily walks, castor oil packs, and dry brushing.

Other topics we chat about:

  • Why it is crucial to access a midwife prior to pregnancy
  • Reproductive health
  • Fertility support
  • Labor tips
  • How to balance cultural expectations during birth
  • Who to surround yourself with while in labor (cat, dolphin, elephant analogy)
  • Normalizing sexual health conversations with your children
  • How to enjoy living in a female body

This episode is a safe space. Tune in for a body-positive, shame-reducing, and curiosity-igniting conversation.

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