Majority of bedding contains synthetic materials treated with flame-retardant chemicals. At THE FULLEST, we strive to share top-tier brands that offer non-toxic alternatives to everyday essentials.

We are honored to sit down and chat with the founders of Shepherd’s Dream, who share about their all-natural wool mattresses and bedding. The company strives to provide a safe and healthy alternative to harmful, standard bedding. Coupled with sustainable industry practices, American-sourced wool, and a beautiful aesthetic, Shepherd’s Dream offers everything you need for the dreamiest night’s sleep.

Get cozy as we unveil the truth behind toxic bedding, the benefits of wool, EMFs, sleep hygiene, and why it’s time to swap out your mainstream mattress.

Q: Sleep hygiene is a buzzword these days. What does sleep hygiene entail? How can one cultivate a healthy sleep routine?

A: Sleep hygiene involves a set of practices that someone does habitually to prepare them for sleep. We see this as a two-fold process:

  1. Clearing and setting up the bedroom space for optimal sleep
  2. Employing a ritual each night that signals sleepytime to the body and brain

Experts recommend a bedroom free from distractions and energies other than sleep and romance — so, no TVs, no desk or work, and no exercise equipment. Depending on your decoration sensibilities, you’ll want to aim for whatever helps you feel at home and ready to sleep, from peaceful and calm to warm and inviting or soft and cozy.

Then, you’ll want to create a set of steps you can do most nights that helps you wind down from your day and transition to sleep. These can include meditation, gentle yoga, reading, a cup of herbal tea, and a relaxing bath.

Q: Why wool? Tell us about the benefits of sleeping on wool.

A: Wool is seriously a miracle fiber, and the world seems to be coming around to that! Humans have prized wool for a long time, so bringing it back into the bedroom makes a lot of sense. Sleeping with natural wool mattresses and bedding brings a calming effect to the body that is hard to quantify — you just have to try it!

Federal regulations require mattresses and bedding to meet specific requirements — this led to the addition of toxic flame retardant chemicals. Wool is naturally flame resistant, so there’s no need for any of these chemicals!

Anyone with allergies or sensitivities will immediately notice a difference with a wool mattress. Here are some significant benefits of sleeping on wool:

  • Zero off-gassing
  • Naturally repels major causes of indoor allergens like mold and dust mites
  • Creates a natural barrier from EMFs
  • Helps with body aches and pains
  • Relieves pressure points

Lastly, when it comes to children, a pure and natural environment is vital for growth and development.

Q: Some people may have the misconception that wool will make you sweat. Can you touch on how wool actually helps regulate your body’s temperature?

A: Yes, we tend to associate wool with itchy sweaters — but that’s not the case with wool bedding.

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, meaning that when you sweat (as many of us do while we sleep), the wool fibers drink it up and pull it away from your skin.

And because wool is also breathable, it allows airflow. It keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Again — magic!

Q: Metal springs in mattresses and box springs have been shown to disrupt the body’s natural electromagnetic field. Shepherd’s Dream makes 100% wool mattresses that easily lay on any bed frame with supportive slats. Do those with EMF sensitivity find relief with your bedding?

A: Wool is a wonderful buffer from EMFs, so anyone who experiences that particular sensitivity will find relief with our wool mattress. Many people find that coils simply aren’t required with our wool mattresses, because they are soft and giving while providing firm support — really the best of all worlds!

Q: You offer everything from mattresses, to nightstands, to baby bedding, and beyond. If you could only pick one item from your range, what would it be and why?

A: Our customer favorite is our wool topper. This topper creates a fluffy nest for the ultimate dreamy sleep. Place it on top of any generic mattress or any of our wool mattress offerings!

We call it our “gateway” product because it offers a versatile, economical way to experience the benefits of wool. We have a travel version that can go with you anywhere and a full version for home; these can also be custom ordered for campers and vans.

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Shepherd’s Dream has been handcrafting the highest quality, all-natural wool bedding since 1997. With wool sourced from our home region of Northern California and Southern Oregon, our mattresses and bedding capture the wisdom of a different era — simple, natural, healthy, and expertly hand-made. True sustainability is stitched into everything we make by participating in circular economy ethics and demonstrating that a successful business can honor both people and planet.

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