Proactive Safekeeping with Mycube

04.11.2023 Dave Erickson Podcasts

Today we unlock the truth behind safekeeping with Scott Annan, the CEO & co-founder of Mycube. Mycube designs home safes that offer security with quick access through the touch of a fingerprint (not to mention they are made with stylish aesthetics in mind).

Mycube’s genesis is rooted in tradition. It’s a third-generation family business; in fact, Scott’s mother is the co-founder! One of the core philosophies of Mycube is trust — which only makes sense for a company built on the foundation of creating comfort and security in the home. Much more than a tech-savvy safe, Mycube grants peace of mind, knowing that your most intimate and adorned valuables are secure.

Topics we discuss:

  • Family legacy & entrepreneurial business
  • Home security & organization
  • The best places to put a safe in your home
  • Happiness, healing, spirituality, & life outside the 9 to 5 grind
  • The opioid epidemic
  • Harm reduction via safekeeping

This episode extends beyond a conversation about designer safes; tune in for a new perspective about securing life’s most precious treasures.

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