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We understand that a holistic lifestyle may not be accessible (or sustainable) for everyone. In lieu, THE FULLEST is elated to provide our community with discounts from the utmost aligned (and totally FULLEST-approved) brands! We did the heavy lifting and organized everything for you by category. Hoping these discounts provide a bit of ease and joy — everyone deserves to live well!

Wellness Tools

Somavedic: For 10% off your Somavedic order, use code THEFULLEST.

Molekule: For 10% off your Molekule order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

HealthyLine: For 10% off your HealthyLine order and free shipping, use code TheFullest.

MyCube Safe: For 10% your MyCube order and free shipping, use code FULLEST10.

Vitruvi: For 15% off your first Vitruvi order, use code THEFULLEST.

Bennd: For $20 off your Bennd order, use code THEFULLEST.

BioCharger: For $500 off your BioCharger order, use code TF500.

Canopy: For 10% off your Canopy order, use code THEFULLEST.

DenMother: For 10% off your first Den Mother treatment, use code FULLEST10 when booking an appointment online.

Komuso: For 25% off your Komuso order, use code THEFULLEST.


Branch Basics: For 15% off your Branch Basics Starter Kit, use code THEFULLEST.

Shepherd’s Dream: For 10% off your Shepherd’s Dream order, use code THEFULLEST.

Avocado Green Mattress: For $125 off any Green, Vegan, and Latex Avocado Mattress order, use code THEFULLEST.

Alive Water: For 30% off your first Alive Water order, use code THEFULLEST.

Dorai: For 15% off your Dorai order, use code Fullest15.

Bluejay Electric Bicycles: For 10% off, free shipping, and bike assembly on your Bluejay Electric Bike, use code NIKKI10.

Skincare & Beauty

Surya Spa: For 15% off your Surya Spa order, use code THEFULLEST15.

Living Libations: For 15% off your Living Libations order, use code THEFULLEST.

Nucifera Body: For 15% off your Nucifera order, use code THEFULLEST.

Shiva Rose: For 15% off your Shiva Rose order, use code THEFULLEST.

Honeybee Hippie: For 15% off your Honeybee Hippie order, use code THEFULLEST.

Araza Beauty: For 15% off your Araza Beauty order, use code NikkiBostwick15.

C & The Moon: For 20% off your C & The Moon order, use code FULLEST20.

Foria: For 20% off your Foria order, use code THEFULLEST.

Bare Hands: For 10% off your Bare Hands order, use code THEFULLEST.


Christy Dawn: For 15% off any full-priced Christy Dawn styles, use code 15Nikki.

Ozma: For 15% off your Ozma order, use code NIKKI15.

The Simple Folk: For 10% off your Simple Folk order, use code THEFULLEST.

Sabah: For free shipping on your Sabah order of $75 or more, use code THEFULLEST.

Alex Crane: For 15% off your Alex Crane order, use code THEFULLEST.

MATE the Label: For 20% off your MATE order, use code fullest20.

ARQ: For 10% off your ARQ order, use code LOVETHEFULLEST10.

Esembly: For 15% off your Esembly order, use code THEFULLEST.


ION* Intelligence of Nature: For 15% off your first ION* Intelligence of Nature order, use code THEFULLEST15. (Offer excludes bundles and subscription purchases)

ARMRA: For 15% off your ARMRA order, use code THEFULLEST.

Moon Juice: For 15% off your Moon Juice order, use code THEFULLEST.

Organic Olivia: For 10% off your first Organic Olivia purchase, use code THEFULLEST.

Alexis Smart: For 10% off your Alexis Smart purchase, use code THEFULLEST.

Beekeeper’s Naturals: For a free two-week supply of Beekeeper’s Naturals B.Immune Propolis Throat Spray, tap on this link — you just pay $5 dollars for shipping.

Wooden Spoon Herbs: For 20% off your Wooden Spoon Herbs order, use code THEFULLEST.

Nutrafol: For $15 off your first month subscription of Nutrafol, use code THEFULLEST.

Seed: For 15% off your first month’s subscription of Seed, use the code THEFULLEST.

Onda: For 15% off your Onda order, use code THEFULLEST.

Juna: For 50% off your first month’s subscription of Juna, plus 20% off ongoing, use code THEFULLEST. *3 month commitment, new subscribers only. Choose to refill every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Prima: For 20% off your Prima order, use code THEFULLEST.

Uqora: Tap here for 20% off your first Uqora order.

Clear Digestive: For 15% off your Clear Digestive order, use code THEFULLEST.

Food + Drink

Evermill: For $20 off your first Evermill spice rack, use code FULLEST20.

Goodmylk: For 15% off any Goodmylk items, use code THEFULLEST.

Sakara: For 20% off your first Sakara order, use code XOTHEFULLEST.

Sweet Laurel: For 15% off your Sweet Laurel order, use code THEFULLEST.

Loco Love: For 10% off your Loco Love order, use code FULLEST.

Alive Water: For 30% off your first Alive Water order, use code THEFULLEST.

ZenBunni: Purchase two bags of ZenBunni coffee and receive a free box of incense ($60 value for $30). Use code THEFULLEST.

Four Sigmatic: Get up to 39% off + free shipping on Four Sigmatic’s most popular Mushroom Coffee bundles using this link.

Otamot: For 10% off your Otamot order, use code THEFULLEST.

SeaSnax: For 15% off your SeaSnax order, use code FULLEST15.

Little Saints: For 15% off your Little Saints order, use code THEFULLEST.

If you are having trouble accessing these discounts, please email for assistance!

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