Most of us grew up learning to treat our periods as an inconvenience, something that prevented us from living our life to the fullest. At best, we were taught to push past and soldier on. Alternatively, we were given painkillers to help us endure PMS. Even worse, some of us were put on birth control to alleviate symptoms and avoid a period altogether.

However, like many women in this community, over time, we started to feel like there had to be a better relationship between how we view our period and more natural methods of healing symptoms. We began searching for new information and uncovered so much more in the process, including a pain-free cycle and a deeper sense of our intuition and our body’s messages.

We got some insight from four women about how they busted through period myths and created a positive cycle.

Rachel Guest on Periods Before & After Birth Control

“I was on birth control in my late teens and entire 20s. Honestly, I’d never thought much about it. Initially, I’d gone on it for my teen skin issues (that seems somewhat crazy to me now). It wasn’t until I began learning that the pill can disrupt many internal systems — including the type of men you’re attracted to — that I started asking, why am I still taking this? Initially, I was scared to come off it, in case my skin reverted to its 17 year-old-state. However, I was curious and decided to give it a go.

The results were fairly immediate and positive. It took a few cycles to find a rhythm, and of course, there were little hiccups here and there. To support my transition back to a natural cycle, I used a hormonal balancing diet (honestly, if I had come across THE FULLEST, I’d also add pelvic steaming and saffron baths).

After around three months, my period symptoms were less, and I had a consistent cycle. Today, I find that the week before my period can be a little more gnarly emotionally — but it feels good to move through anger and frustration rather than suppress these bigger moods. Plus, the following week, when my period arrives, I find clarity on any issues that were coming up for me the week before and feel my most intuitive at that time.”

Nikki Bostwick on Finding Beauty in Her Moon Cycle

“Having the experience of not being able to have a monthly cycle made me appreciate my period so much more. After going off the pill, my hormones were incredibly out of balance, and I didn’t get it back for nine months. Getting it back meant that my body was finally recalibrating, and it was also why I was able to conceive both of my kids.

I now consider having my period consistently a true blessing. Not only do I use it as a way to learn more about my body and what is going on, but I also have made it a point to learn more about our blood — how it is deeply nourishing for the earth and plants in your garden, how you can use it for an offering, or how you can use it as a mask on your face because it includes stem cells. I am so grateful to be a menstruating woman!”

Kylie Gaughan on Detoxing through Periods

“Periods are a detox; I love that our bodies are naturally able to shed away toxins and heavy metals on a monthly basis. I view my period as a marker of my health.

I know my body is unbalanced when I have PMS symptoms or a heavy/painful period. There’s nothing better than a symptom-free cycle!”

Logan Browning on a Painless Period

“I have had a debilitating first day (period) for years. I tried Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend. The steam was amazing and for the first time in a long time, my period came and went like any other day. It was lighter, shorter, and painless.”

Period Rx

If you have suffered from any form of painful periods, there are many ways to get off the hamster wheel and heal the root cause.

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