This month’s roundup of faves encompasses everything from soul-soothing drinks, skincare potions, and accessories for your sacred space. Our founder, Nikki Bostwick, never fails to keep us in the loop of all things wellness — and this lineup is sure to keep you mentally and physically warm for these last few weeks of winter. Read on for all the goodness!

Warm Feelings™ saffron latte

This should come as no surprise! This drink is true nourishment in a cup. My family & I enjoy a saffron latte around the clock — in the morning for a brain boost, mid-day for a pick-me-up, and in the evening for a comforting nightcap. My children love it too! We are currently offering 25% off Warm Feelings™ saffron latte jars and bulk! Use code STOCKUP at checkout!

Shiva Rose Luster Brow & Lash Serum

I started using Shiva Rose’s brow serum as part of my makeup routine mainly to keep my brows combed up and in place. It’s the cleanest brow-gel alternative I’ve found, and it doesn’t flake. It’s formulated to support hair growth, and I’ve seen a big difference in my brows looking less sparse. Such a plus! For 15% off your Shiva Rose order, use code TheFullest.

Stephanie Dawn Matthias

The most beautiful ceramic pieces to adorn your home or office with! Every item she crafts is a true masterpiece — I want her entire collection of objects!

HealthyLine’s Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter

This comforter came at the perfect time — I was seeking new bedding for the winter months but still wanted something made with non-toxic, organic materials. HealthyLine was the perfect solution! This comforter contains therapeutic magnets that create a magnetic field around you while you sleep. It’s also filled with raw Tourmaline fiber that’s naturally activated by your body heat. I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and renewed! For 10% off your HealthyLine order and free shipping, use code TheFullest at checkout.

Mindful Immunity™ Tea

I like to supplement our Mindful Immunity™ super protection syrup during these colder months and make a tea out of it! Add a heaping tablespoon of Mindful Immunity™ and some warm water for a soothing elixir. I swear it’s the reason why I NEVER get sick — even when both of my kids are under the weather and constantly coughing in my face!

Miami Guide

My family travels to Miami every year, and I’m so glad we recently shared THE FULLEST Guide to Miami. It covers all our favorite hotels, wellness must-dos, and beloved eateries. Be sure to start your mornings at Dr. Smood!

May Lindstrom The Youth Dew

This balancing facial serum is my daily potion! It’s packed with 21 plant and botanical oils, providing the ultimate hydration and glow. It’s a vitamin cocktail for your face! I have also been using The Good Stuff body and hair oil. It smells oh-so divine, and I love that every product is crafted with clean ingredients I can trust.

Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor in Chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. She has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. Since launching, Nikki has grown THE FULLEST to include a digital platform, a podcast, a botanical product line, and a wholesale business alongside her amazing team. Nikki has been in the wellness scene for 10+ years — after receiving a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, she studied plant-based foods at Matthew Kenney Culinary, is reiki & yoga certified, and has traveled with wellness pioneer, David Wolfe, to Peru and Iceland.

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